Google Curbs the Misuse of Exact Match Domain

Exact Match Domain (EMD) is regarded as a ‘magic name’ in the SEO community, which can advance search engine ranking incredibly with the keywords within it. The major drawback with this practice is that poor-quality sites can also achieve top rankings by making use of their exact match domain name. Precisely, exact match domain name can be used as a shortcut for boosting the ranking even if the content is not of good quality. However, Google has introduced effective measures to curb the misuse of EMD.

EMD update launched in 2012 was Google’s first step against exact match domain abuse. It is more or less a filter that can detect poor quality sites using EMDs for increasing PageRank and penalize them with low ranking. At the same time, like Panda it gives good ranking for sites using EMDs, and with quality content. Google has confirmed that there will be periodical refreshes of this update. Hence, we can expect more rigid restriction policies in future.

Exact Match Domain

Even though EMD update can bring up quality search results, it is obvious that the update has upset many site owners and SEO firms. However, there is good news for them – this update won’t affect the SEO benefit offered by inbound links which use the domain name as link anchor text. It is natural for websites to use the domain name they are linking to as link anchor text. When considering page rank, Google gives consideration to the link anchor text. The link anchor text sends a signal signifying relevancy and is hence beneficial, just as a link from a trustworthy site. The domain name will naturally get links that use its domain name as the link anchor text. The two highly descriptive keywords in those links increases relevance.

However, it is not possible to improve ranking by just adding as many inbound links of this kind to your site, as Google’s Penguin update cancels the link benefit obtained from an unrelated site. That is, you need to add an inbound link relevant to your site for gaining favorable results. For example, an inbound link from a smartphone accessory site is not going to benefit a recipe site that is totally unrelated to it.

Penguin update has removed unworthy sites from top ranking positions, and it is possible for a quality site to improve its rankings. Owners of top ranking domain names should focus on developing fresh, relevant and good quality content. It may even be the right time to buy the premium domain names you have been planning to buy. The exact match domain is still effective for a site if it is used in the proper way. Therefore, it is best to seek help from a professional SEO company having expertise in link building to obtain maximum benefits from such domains.

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