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Search engine optimization specialists cannot ignore mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that are now overtaking search on desktop PC systems. According to many surveys, mobile devices have greatly increased conversion rates compared to their desktop counterparts. Most business organizations have realized the potential of mobile marketing and are going all out to enhance their presence on mobile search.

Marketing your business on mobile platforms requires an understanding various factors such as mobile internet usage, customer shopping behavior, preferences by age group and gender and more. Mobile marketing statistics help you determine your SEO strategies. Here are some of the most reliable sources of the mobile marketing statistics:

  • comScore Digital Future Series – Well known market research firm comScore releases digital future-in-focus series global reports annually to help businesses and marketers analyze dynamic shifts in online search, social networking, online and mobile advertising trends.
  • International Telecommunications Union (ITU) – This UN-affiliated agency deals with issues related to information and communication technologies across the globe releases statistics on internet usage, mobile growth and even mobile broadband subscriptions. ITU statistics are available by country and continent. All the information provided by this agency is free of charge.

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  • Google Mobile Planet – Business owners and marketers are provided with access to wide range of statistical data on mobile marketing. Google Mobile Planet also has a powerful chart creation tool to help you create your own charts aiming on key performance indicators (KPIs) of interest. You can even directly download data relating to mobile usage and marketing trends in specific countries.
  • Ofcom internet usage report – Ofcom is a UK-based independent communications regulator. Thier seventh International Communications Market Report published on 13th December last year examines availability, price and use of broadband, TV, radio and landlines across 17 countries.

With more customers using their smartphones for search, you need to implement effective mobile SEO strategies to boost your online visibility. A professional SEO company can provide you with website design services to enhance user experience on mobile devices based on latest Google’s guidelines. It can also provide you with search engine optimization services to attract more mobile traffic from your locality and achieve more conversion and sales.

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