Top SEO Errors to Watch Out For

Many search engine optimization tactics that were once regarded as best practices do not work anymore thanks to Google’s Penguin. If you do not watch out for these mistakes, then your site would suffer a Penguin penalty. Here are the top wrong SEO errors that you should take care to avoid:
Top SEO Errors

  • Indiscriminate Keyword Stuffing – Granted you have done intensive keyword research and found the right keywords, including long-tail keywords. The catch lies in how you use the keywords. Repeating a particular keyword that you want to target in your website content is going to get you into trouble. Penguin slaps sites that try to boost their search engine ranking unnaturally with tactics such as keyword stuffing. Stick to good practices – create interesting content for users, not keyword-stuffed web copy for search engines.
  • Using Meta Keyword Tags – Stop using meta keywords as they wouldn’t work much for your SEO. Google stopped using keywords meta tag in web search ranking quite some time back. If you publicize your meta keyword tags, your competitors could steal your keywords and use them for their own online marketing campaigns.
  • Meta Keyword Tags

  • Duplicate Content – Content copying is illegal and Google can even de-index your website on finding such content. Duplicate content confuses search engines which would not know which version should be provided for search queries and which should be indexed. Create unique and compelling good content so that the search engine crawler will index it easily and users will find your content relevant.
  • Low Quality Backlinks – With the new Penguin update, only backlinks relevant to your site and from credible sources will work to improve your PageRank. Building too many links within a short period of time is considered spamming. So don’t make the mistake of building too many links to your home page. Instead, link more to internal pages. Wikipedia has top ranking on Google. Majestic SEO shows that Wikipedia has 600 million backlinks but only 6 millions links going to its home page. Also, remove broken links as they give you a bad reputation.
  • Irrelevant or Over-optimized Anchor Text Links – Just like irrelevant links, irrelevant anchor texts can also result in an algorithmic penalty. Creating a lot of keyword-rich anchor text and distributing over the content indiscriminately is also a bad practice. Try to use non-keyword anchor text (use here, click or your website name) and change the pattern of your anchor text frequently.
  • Anchor Text Links

  • Not Checking Site Performance – If you are not monitoring the click-through rates, conversion rates and other performance of your website, you cannot achieve your business objectives. Take advantage of Google Analytics (it can help you create conversion goals) and Google Webmaster Resources.
  • Not Making Your Site Crawlable – According to Matt Cutts, the biggest SEO mistake is building a site not having a domain at all which makes it uncrawlable.
  • Not Having Good Titles and Descriptions – Not having titles and descriptions that would interest people is a big mistake. Matt Cutts advises webmasters to include good titles and descriptions that attract people and make them want to click on a search result.
  • Title and Description

Engage a professional SEO company that can provide you with customized SEO services and content management solutions to help you avoid making these mistakes. With the right firm as your partner, your organic search results will definitely improve.