Embedding Google Plus Posts for Effective Content Marketing

With the Google Plus ‘Embed Post’ feature, website owners and blog users can take any post from any Google Plus user whose feed they can see and embed it onto their site or blog. The embedded post will remain there as an actual live post. This feature is important for social media marketers since their typical Google Plus post will gain greater visibility when it is embedded. On the whole, this feature opens up a great opportunity for content marketing.

When you embed content from a social networking site into your website or blog, it acts as a window to the platform where the content was originally created. The author of the content would get the full credit and the opportunity to expand audience and followers. However, Google Plus embedded posts are different from embedding a video from You Tube or a post from Facebook in the following ways:

  • Google Plus embedded live posts are fully interactive. Readers can reply to comments, share the post, follow it or +1 it after logging into their Google Plus account. This adds more life to your quality Google Plus posts and also compliments the commenting system that already exists on the site.

Google Plus Post

  • Unlike a quick retweet or comment in Twitter or Facebook, Google Plus discussions can quickly branch out into number of directions. They have huge potential to make the content viral. Google Plus embedded posts on website will drive the attention of website visitors to your post in Google Plus and encourage them to partake in Google Plus discussions. If you don’t like the direction the comments or discussions are taking, you can remove the comments/shares so that they won’t show up on the website.
  • You can embed a post with an image, a video, a link to community, a song on Google Play or Google Play movie. It is also possible to embed interactive posts. In addition to embedding your own posts, you can embed any post you find informative and improve the quality of the content posted on your website.

The more places you or others embed your Google Plus posts, the greater the chances that people will see your content and interact with it. Eventually, it will increase the attention that your brand or product gets and help you to achieve your online marketing goals.

How to Embed Google Plus Posts

Here are the steps involved in integrating the Google Plus post you like into your website:

  • Click the dropdown menu icon on the top right side of the post you want to embed
  • Choose ‘Embed Post’ from the pop up menu
  • Copy the embed code appear over the post
  • Embed Google Plus Posts

  • Go to the development end of you website and paste the embed code into your HTML code based on the place where you want the post to appear

A professional SEO company with expertise in social media optimization and blog marketing can help you explore the possibilities offered by Google Plus embedded posts and utilize their full potential for content marketing.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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