Yahoo-Yelp Partnership to Improve Yahoo Local Search Results

Wall Street Journal reported recently that Yahoo is planning to partner with Yelp to make its search results much more impressive by incorporating Yelp listings and reviews of local businesses. The announcement was made by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Yahoo, while adopting its main search technology from Microsoft has developed its own features and interface to better meet the needs of its visitors. On the other hand, Yelp aims at supplying consumer-generated data on businesses across various places in the world including the U.S., Europe and Asia. Users can undoubtedly expect an amazing search experience when these internet giants associate with each other. The report said Yahoo aims at the following things while taking this significant step.

  • Yahoo, the once-dominant search engine is not doing that well now. According to the monthly analysis of the U.S. search marketplace by comScore, the leading Internet Analytics Company, the market share for Yahoo sites was only 10.8 percent in December 2013 whereas Microsoft sites had 18.2 percent and Google sites had 67.3 percent. With Yelp’s local listings, Yahoo aims at seeking more content from the web to make their search results competent with Microsoft’s Bing and Google. While the first-quarter sales of Yahoo will be in the range of $1.06 billion to $1.1 billion as stated by the company in January 2014 (which is 1 percent less than $1.07 billion a year earlier), Yelp is expecting full-year net revenue of $353 million to $358 million, about 53 percent growth. By adopting Yelp listings, Yahoo can expect marked improvement in its sales.
  • As more and more people are relying on smartphones for navigation, local business data is gaining great importance from the search engine point of view. We can see that Yahoo is already giving an elaborate view of local business data, for instance with ‘menu’ and ‘directions’ in the case of a restaurant.

Yahoo Yelp

The local search results with Yelp reviews will be helpful and appealing to Yahoo users searching for a local business. For example, if you are looking for a restaurant in San Francisco, you can not only obtain the correct address, menu and specialties, but also read the customer reviews along with the details given on the right side of the search results without browsing each result individually. Yelp had partnered with Bing and Apple earlier to incorporate Yelp listings in their results. Here are the Bing results with Yelp reviews.

Yahoo Yelp Reviews

You will be able to see these kinds of results with Yahoo when they add Yelp reviews. However, no official word has come from Yahoo on its Yelp deal yet. Even so, with this development, we can expect better local search results from Yahoo. In this scenario, local businesses can enhance their local search engine optimization efforts in Yahoo too by partnering with a reliable, professional SEO company.

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