‘News SEO’ to Enhance Visibility of WordPress Sites on Google News

The News SEO module is available for the WordPress SEO Plugin to create XML News Sitemaps as per the latest standards for your WordPress blog along with images. It can make your WordPress site appear in Google News. This could mean great news for your SEO efforts as the results for the subsections of Google News (which have a large number of direct users) include images, videos and maps are often seen on the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). Moreover, links from Google News to your content would have significantly help boost your website’s rankings. Of course, strict adherence to Google News guidelines is necessary to enhance your site’s online visibility. In addition, the news SEO model allows you to perform some advanced SEO if your site has a XML News sitemap (which provides information about news pieces, their locations on the sites, news type, language and access to this information) to be indexed within Google News. As Google insists that your news sitemap should contain only articles published in the last 24 hours, an automated system is necessary for building such news sitemaps.

The News SEO module instantly pings Google when a new post is published. As it uses WordPress SEO plugins’ sitemap API, the news sitemap can be generated quickly with no waiting times and no long sitemap generation problems. The news sitemap is formatted easily for the eyes because of the XSLT stylesheet which comes along with the module. It will provide you with the opportunity to do more advanced news optimization such as determining whether your article should be in the Google News XML feed, as well as specify meta news keywords, choose the Google News genre, give the original source, and define stock tickers as shown below:
Google News
The news sitemaps thus generated allows you to tag your article with proper titles and publication dates. In essence, this module will help you categorize your content more accurately.

How to Install News SEO Module

Download the zip file of the WordPress Plugin. Without unzipping the file, install it through the ‘Add New Plugin’ interface of WordPress via upload. After that, you should activate the plugin so that you can see ‘News SEO’ under SEO. Click on that option to get into the page given below.
News SEO
Your sitemap will work only if you click and check the box next to ‘enable’ option. Once you enable XML News sitemaps, open your site’s sitemap_index.xml sitemap. You can then see your new News Sitemap added to the index sitemap. There is option to add extra post types to news sitemap and you can also set a default genre.

Though this module can be considered stable for use, it is still in active development. A professional SEO company that offers reliable SEO web design services can help you to create news sitemaps as well as provide you with news submission tips and high quality, fresh content to make your presence felt on Google News.

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