User Comments with Poor Spelling and Grammar – Will That Affect My Rankings?

The latest Webmaster Help Video from Google’s head of search spam was a relief for website owners as well as internet marketers worried about the poor spelling and grammar in their WordPress blog user comments. Matt Cutts made it clear that poorly written comments have no effect on the ranking factor. Such comments reflect more on the person leaving the comment than the site on which it is posted.

However, you must beware of spam comments. It may impact your rankings.
Poor Spelling and Grammar

The Case is Not the Same with Your Content

Though spelling/grammar is not a direct Google ranking factor, Matt Cutts also added that high quality, reputable pages tend to use correct spelling and grammar. So it is important to make sure that your own content is of high quality. Whether web pages, blogs, articles, press releases or newsletters, the content should be free from spelling and grammar mistakes or it may leave a bad first impression on anyone reading the content on your site. The correct use of grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation are all important factors in making your visitors time spent on your site enjoyable. Also, most valuable sites will not link to content with incorrect grammar and spelling, even if the content is informative and relevant. Professional content without these errors can ensure long-term SEO success with:

  • Reduced bounce rates, and
  • Increased chances of content being shared

In addition, make sure to proofread before taking it live. A great way to resolve the issue is to benefit from the services of expert content writers and proofreaders. Professional SEO companies provide a wide range of quality content development services from writing and editing to copyediting and proofreading.

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