How to Quickly Track Your LinkedIn Status Message Outreach

Ever since LinkedIn removed the option that shows historic activities on profiles in November 2013, it has become quite difficult to dig out past LinkedIn activities. The major setback is that is that it has become difficult to see the impact of your LinkedIn status messages on your connections, audience and associated engagement. Status messages are useful to grow your network connections and enhance your LinkedIn marketing efforts only if you know the response to the messages. Here are the three ways in which you can still measure the influence of your status message.

  • ‘All Updates’ Filter – When you click the arrow on ‘All Updates’ filter beneath your status box, you can see ‘Your Updates’ among the options shown on the pop-up menu. Select that option to view your updates along with your status messages posted earlier. Once you spot the message you want to see, you can find out how many likes and shares it got, apart from the comments.
  • All Updates Filter

  • Flag Icon – You can find a flag icon at the top right part of your home page. When you click that icon, you see all of the activity related to you. It will turn red when someone engages with an update you have interacted with or shared. So if someone liked, shared or commented on your status messages, you can view them when you click the flag icon. When you find the message you want to see, left click on it to view the likes, comments and shares.
  • Flag Icon

  • Who’s Viewed Your Updates – This is the newest functionality in LinkedIn. It provides you with a heat map of interactions and engagements with your updates as well as the number of likes, shares and comments. Go to the right hand side of your home page and you can view ‘Who’s Viewed Your Updates’ around the half way down. Once your updates receive likes, shares or comments, the heat map of interaction and engagement can be found under this title.
  • Who's Viewed Your Updates

Status messages are an effective way to remind people what you are currently up to, the clients you work with, the markets you engage, and the values you share. When you know the response to your status messages, you can adjust the content, style and richness of the messages to be posted more effectively and increase the network awareness of the things that you do even further.

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Monica Barber

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