How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business

It is a no-brainer that videos convey messages more effectively than text ever could, which is why video marketing is being employed by businesses across the various social networks. They’re the ones that get shared and keep trending the most. It seems a pretty straightforward thing to do – post a video and then watch the results. But it doesn’t quite work that way. It needs a bit of planning, a bit of advertising sense or an idea of what makes people tick plus an understanding of the way the various social networks work.
Video Marketing for Business

Sales or Subscription – What’s the Goal of Your Video

Celebrated video marketer Joel Ackerman is of the firm opinion that the one planning or posting the video must know whether he wants it to get sales up and running or merely encourage people to keep watching more such videos of his business by subscribing to its video channel on YouTube or anywhere else. The former builds earnings while the latter builds your brand.

What Makes Your Video Special

One of the things Ackerman suggests is to always focus on the USP of your product or service. Only that would help transform viewers to buyers. The video has got to convince the viewer that they need that product and that their life would lack something without it. This works for conversion videos, but engagement videos must have the entertainment factor. Entertainment is the sole objective of engagement videos, and these videos could get audiences attracted to your brand. However, it is the conversion videos that drive sales.

Branding for Your Video Channel

Branding your YouTube channel is good idea. Nothing can beat a YouTube branded experience for users. The channel ranks well, and people hang out here often in search of their favorite videos. Branding your channel could give your videos a destination which people could associate with. Be sure to have the appropriate interface, a customized background, as this shows you are serious about your channel. Branding lends credibility to your videos, and helps add brand value to your product or business too. That’s two birds with one stone.

Annotating YouTube Videos

Adding annotations to YouTube videos is a great idea to keep building subscribers. These annotations could basically be calls to action which can be clicked; there could also be links to playlists, other videos of yours or even a subscription link. Annotations could appear particularly on the top portion of the video where it is the most visible. These links could multiply the effects of your video.

Maximizing Video Conspicuousness

Videos are all about visibility. Your potential customers and target audience must be able to find the great videos you post. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the search result pages. Videos are a preferred medium for search engines and your video listings could get ahead of your website listing.

You’d also guess that Google’s ownership of YouTube does give videos on that site some preference providing you ensure that the keywords you target are present in the initial words of your video title. It is also important that you keep your video descriptions quite keyword-rich and descriptive while beginning the description with a complete URL. These latter steps particularly help when people are searching within YouTube for the kind of videos you’ve posted.

It also goes without saying that the greater the page views, likes, comments and subscribers for your video, the higher are your rankings and the greater is your visibility.

Get Professional Assistance

It pays to hire a professional for creating and marketing the right kind of videos. Video marketing is a serious element of your advertising scheme. If done well, there is nothing to beat the cost-effectiveness and success rate of video marketing.

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