Search Nearby Option Back on Google Maps

Google Maps has always been a very useful and important tool in Google’s lineup. People just love it and need it for many purposes. February 2014 saw a re-launch of this tool which resulted in the loss of the “Search Nearby” option. But here’s the good news.

Google Maps has now been re-equipped with the Search Nearby feature which users were sorely missing. While there was the usual share of April Fools’ announcements on April 1, 2014, this one was not one of those!

Why People Loved “Search Nearby”

The Search Nearby option was a very important feature that allowed people to search for businesses in specific destinations. The re-launch of Google Maps discarded this particular feature though users could still search in specific locations by carrying out a search in Google Maps and then doing a follow-up search. This would show results in relation to the location previously searched. For example, people could type in a place name and search on Google Maps, after which they could perform a subsequent search by entering “restaurants”, “malls”, or whatever they were looking for. Google Maps would provide the relevant results in relation to the destination searched for previously.
Search Nearby Option
But people really did not notice that possibility much and they weren’t well informed about this feature. The social networks and forums, particularly the Google Help forums and Twitter, were awash with people complaining about Google Maps being stripped of this option. This has led Google to bring back the Search Nearby option which will allow users to enter a location based on which Google will provide the results.

Destination-based Search is Important

Now what does this go to show? Destination-based or geographic results are important to users. For businesses this is a vital lesson to learn – they simply have got to work on their local SEO so they can be conspicuous in Google Maps and other local directory listings.

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