Things You Should Know About Using Google’s Disavow Tool

Many websites suffered when Google’s Penguin unleashed its wrath on low quality inbound links. Cleaning up as many bad links as you can from your site is necessary to boost your search engine optimization efforts. Google’s Disavow tool allows you to remove those Spammy links, but you need to use it effectively if you want it to work. Google’s Eric Kuan said in a Google Webmaster thread on October 2013 that Google will process your disavow file only if they know that you have make a serious manual attempt to remove the bad links specified in the file. According to him, the disavow tool should be used only if you have done everything you could do to remove a bad link and your efforts have not worked.

In a video published on August, 2013, Matt Cutts also stresses that the disavow tool should be used only as a last resort. Here are some points that Cutts says webmasters should know about using the tool:

  • The disavow tool is not required for an average website owner who follows best practices. It is meant for those implementing SEO and websites that have Spammy link profiles that need to be cleaned up.
  • Google recommends that you first contact the concerned website to remove as many links as possible. If your attempts to contact the website fails or cannot get the links removed, use the disavow tool.
  • Download your inbound links using Google Webmaster and Open Site Explorer and research all the inorganic links. Take your time to do your research before using the tool or it may do more harm than good.

Eric Kuan points out that there two reasons why the disavow tool may not work the way you want:

  • The link you mentioned in disavow file may not be properly disavowed. Download your latest Disavow file by going to the tool and clicking on ‘Disavow Links’ and ‘Download’ and double check that file for such errors.

Be cautious while you add the Spammy links to the .txt file that you are submitting to the disavow tool as it is difficult and time-consuming to change once they are submitted, if even possible.

Professional SEO companies follow SEO best practices when using the disavow tool. Their SEO team first analyzes client website link profiles to determine if there are spammy links that need to be removed before deciding to use the disavow link tool. They also help implement effective link building strategies to drive targeted traffic.

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Monica Barber

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