Twitter Acquires Cover and Extends Mobile Marketing Capabilities

Twitter was recently in the news when it acquired two companies in Europe to strengthen its ‘social TV’ efforts. The microblogging company has done it again by acquiring Cover, an Android lock screen app. This acquisition shows that Twitter is serious about extending its mobile marketing capabilities. Cover shows up six apps on Android phone’s lockscreen that displays apps when you need them. In other words, Cover studies your habits and customizes itself in such a way that your favorite apps show up to suit the occasion. For instance, if you plug in your headphones, your music app appears and if Cover senses you are driving, it displays Waze and Google Maps. Cover drove the attention of thousands of Android users before it joined Twitter. As more than 75% of Twitter users access its service through their mobile phones, the social media giant’s acquisition of Cover will it to implement effective mobile marketing tactics to target smartphone users.

Twitter Acquires Cover

Announcing that they have joined Twitter, the team at Cover said that Twitter shared the same vision as theirs that a smartphone can be “a lot smarter, more useful and more contextual” and that together they can make that happen.

The Cover Lock Screen app will continue to be available on Google’s Play Store while they focus on their work at Twitter. The team at Cover did not provide any details about the terms of acquisition. Twitter confirmed the acquisition with a tweet in reply to Cover’s tweet on joining Twitter, but didn’t provide the details of the deal.

Unlike other social networking sites, Twitter has greater ad engagement since its ads are informative, fun, and well-targeted. Twitter’s Q4 2013 financial results shows that revenue from its mobile advertisement is more than 75% of its total advertising revenue. Twitter introduced several features recently for its mobile user segment, especially iPhone and Android users, such as adding in-stream video and image previews to the main feeds, photo-tagging and the ability to add multiple photos in a single tweet. The acquisition of Cover by the microblogging site will help businesses boost their Twitter marketing efforts on mobile.

Technology experts believe Twitter will have advantage of staying in front of the lockscreen of the Android phone and tablet. However, there is no information yet about how the site is going to integrate the technology.