Twitter Launched New Profile Design and Real-Time Notifications

Twitter came up with new utilities in the second week of April – an attractive design for web profiles and real-time interactive notifications for desktop versions. You can use a larger profile photo on a new web profile and customize your header. It is also possible to categorize your tweets. When someone engages with your Tweets, real-time notifications will appear on, making it easy for you to stay connected to what is relevant to you. Let’s take a look into both features and how they can improve Twitter marketing.

New Twitter Profile

The new profile includes several changes. The main features are discussed in Twitter’s post:

  • Profile Picture and Header Photo – Instead of being larger, the profile picture will be positioned toward the top left part of the Twitter profile page rather than in the middle part. The header photo will no longer reside behind the profile picture, but be positioned at the top of the page, stretching across the entire length of the screen so that the profile photo overlaps slightly with its bottom left corner.
  • Best Tweets – The new profile will show off the tweets that have received more engagement (they will be slightly larger), making it easier to find your best content.
  • Pinned Tweets – You can pin one of your tweets to the top of your profile page and make it easy for your followers to know what you are about.
  • Filtered Tweets – You can select the timeline to view while checking other profiles. Options to select from include Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos or Twitter and replies.

Real-Time Notifications

Twitter says the real-time notification feature will allow you to receive notifications if any person has replied, favorited or retweeted your tweets when logged in on a desktop version of your website ( The notifications will appear for direct messages and new followers as well. The real-time notifications are fully interactive and will allow you to reply, retweet, favorite and follow just after you receive the notification.

Twitter Real-Time Notifications

However, you need to go to Twitter settings and make necessary changes to ensure that you are receiving the notifications that you want. You can choose what type of notifications you want to get as shown as below.

Web Notifications

What Does This Means to Twitter Marketers

Twitter marketers or social media optimization companies can make use of the new profile design in the following ways

  • Advertising – The larger header provides the opportunity to communicate a message to your customers: announce new offers, discounts, opening of a new show room, and much more. When you upload a relevant header image showing that message, it will easily capture the attention of customers when they visit your Twitter page.
  • Brand Promotion – You can upload header images of your latest products or those related to your latest products to drive the attention of your targeted audience and thereby promote your brand. For instance, the following picture shows an image related to Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung’s latest product on the Samsung’s Twitter profile page.
  • Samsung's Twitter Profile Page

  • Promote Content and improve your search engine marketing – If your brand is sponsoring a video series or big event, you can create content based on that and use header images to promote the content. Brands can also use ‘Pinned Tweets’ to promote their content on Twitter.

Compared to email notifications, real-time notifications can help marketers to react and get engaged in a much more well-timed manner. This will help them increase their customer outreach. A study conducted by Millward Brown Digital for Lithum reveals how immediate responses to tweets can help businesses.

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