Twitter’s Photo Tagging and Collage Features Likely to Make Photo Sharing More Social

Twitter has launched two new mobile features to promote photo sharing – photo tagging and the ability to attach multiple photos in a tweet. The social media giant made this announcement on March 26, 2014 through its official blog. It’s been a few months since it launched image previews to the main feeds which were really useful for Twitter marketers to create attractive advertisements, drive the attention of customers and make the content shareable (by increasing its visual appeal). The ability to tag photos and add more photos in a tweet would surely enhance these efforts.

By tagging people in a picture, you can add more fun to the conversations and thereby connect with your friends easily. There is no need to worry whether this will affect the character count in Tweet. Twitter’s photo tagging feature allows you to tag up to 10 people in a picture and still gives you the opportunity to use the entire 140 characters for a tweet. Once you tweet the picture, the tags will appear next to the picture.

Twitter's Photo Tagging

You will receive a notification whether you are being tagged by others so that you can enter into a conversation as early as possible.

Twitter now allows you to add up to four photos in a single tweet. You can thus share a series of photos that will result in a collage.


As a Twitter marketer, you can utilize this feature for driving attention from more customers. Suppose you are running an automobile manufacturing company and placing a picture of your new car on Twitter as part of your marketing tactics. Of course, it will drive the attention of customers. If you add more pictures of the car’s interior design, it will attract more customers.

Twitter analyzed the content of more than 2 million tweets sent by thousands of verified users over a month recently and found adding photos to tweets can cause an impressive boost in the number of retweets. According to Twitter data, photos get a 35% boost in retweets compared to videos (28%) and quotes (19%). Twitter itself has confirmed how photos drive more attention of people. As the new mobile features can make photos more social, you can explore new possibilities of Twitter marketing. Seek the support of a professional SEO company to utilize these features and achieve your marketing goals.