Google Shows OneBox Restaurant Menus in its Search Results Page

You can now see the restaurant menus on Google search result page in the form of a OneBox answer when you search with the restaurant’s name and the word ‘menu’. Google officially announced this feature on March 1, 2014 on a Google Plus post. Currently, the menus are available in U.S. only. With OneBox menus, customers can make quick decisions and restaurants can reduce the complexity associated with internet marketing. Let’s see how.

Though it is easy to find the restaurants near your locality with the listings at the top carousel on Google search result page and even refine those results by price, rating, hours and cuisine, you may still need to browse the website of every restaurant to see the menu and take a decision. OneBox Restaurant Menus include tabs for different parts of the menu (for example, appetizers, dinner, cocktails) and often their prices so that customers can find the dishes they want, compare the rates quickly and make reservations accordingly.

OneBox Restaurant Menus

As the user search is specifically for the menu, it could instantly increase traffic to the restaurant’s official website. Since the OneBox menus can answer user’s query as fast as possible, it would generate more business too. The number of people who use smartphones for their searches is increasing rapidly and this segment does not want to spend much time on search. This makes Google’s new feature particularly useful for them and at the same time, allows restaurants to target more mobile users.

It is not yet clear how Google is collecting the information about each restaurant’s menu, how often it updates the information and what restaurants should do for showing their menus on search result pages. According to the statement issued by a Google spokesperson, the search engine gets the menu data of restaurants from a third party provider, just as it shows weather data. Though Google cannot directly add menus for individual restaurants, efforts are on to expand its database of menus and restaurants.

This new feature shows that Google is taking steps to make their results even more personalized for users. So it’s is time for you to think about implementing optimizing your website for higher search ranking. A professional SEO company can help you to find the strategy that works best for you by monitoring your performance and implementing it effectively with its dedicated team of experienced SEO professionals.

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