Pinterest’s New Guided Search – Explore and Find What’s Relevant

On April 24, 2014, Pinterest introduced ‘Guided Search’ for the mobile users. Guided search is about finding the best ideas by exploring various options. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or you are just starting to look around, Guided Search helps you can find the answer that’s the most relevant.

This new search will provide you many possibilities for the questions with more than one answer. Pinterest has more than 750 million boards with 30 billion pins specially selected by travelers, foodies and other pinners. As more than 75 percent of its search is on mobile devices, the social media platform is focusing on users in this segment.

According to Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, till now, search has been focused on information retrieval, factual questions and factual answers. It is this that led them to develop a search engine that’s more about teaching about users about their tastes and providing with them the opportunity to explore. So rather than simply offering an answer to a specific query like other search engines, Guided Search provides you with a carousel of suggestions with the options to narrow down the search by entering a topic into Pinterest search. For example, if you enter ‘Plants’ in the search field, you find ‘Pins’, ‘Boards’ and ‘Pinners’. When you select one of these options and search the topic, you would find lot of suggestions such as Indoor, Decorating, For Shade and so on. You can choose from these suggestions or further explore them until you find what you think is the best.

Pinterest Search
Pinterest blog post explains the major benefits of the guided search:

  • When you search for something (for example, road trips), descriptive guides help you wring out good ideas from other pinners, which helps to turn your search in the right direction
  • Visuals can provide you with better search results as you may not know what you are looking for in certain cases until you see it
  • As Guided Search is full of possibilities, users can not only find what they are looking for, but also make important discoveries along the way towards the right answer. This will improve their knowledge about a particular topic

This feature is currently available for iPad, iPhone and Android app and will be available on desktop platforms later.

How Online Marketers Can Improve their Visibility on Guided Search

Industry experts laud Guided Search results as extremely relevant and even better than other types of searches introduced by Pinterest. So well-optimized, quality pins are necessary to succeed with your online marketing. In addition to the importance of high quality images, attribution, rich pins and engaging in other conventional optimization methods, marketers need to note the following points:

  • Guided search categories are not curated by Pinterest, but millions of Pinterest users who pin and re-pin various items. Since guided search results are produced according to user-provided metadata (pins’ board names, descriptions and comments), online marketers should add relevant phrases and terms used by people while browsing to their pins’ board names and descriptions
  • Online marketers should also encourage users to caption and comment on their pins. They can build a community of users who will give relevant comments on their pins

Online marketers need a more refined social media optimization strategy to improve their visibility on Guided Search. A professional SEO company that specializes in providing Pinterest marketing, solutions can help with this.

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