Bing Going Places with Latest Update

Google isn’t the only search engine that is constantly on the move. Microsoft’s Bing is also making its big steps towards capturing people’s hearts.
Google competitor Microsoft Bing has its own Satori knowledge engine reminiscent of Google’s Knowledge Graph. Bing has recently enriched it with a further 150 million entities for ensuring better performance from its Snapshot results feature. The announcement was made by Dr. Richard Qian of Bing’s Index and Knowledge Team on April 1, 2014 and before you start wondering, this is not an April Fools’ joke.

Bing’s Satori Being Puffed up with Useful Data

Microsoft Bing has been making many efforts for improving Satori by enriching it with vital information including data about famous people and tax help. This latest update now includes real estate properties, doctors, dentists and lawyers. With the new snapshot details you can even play music and audio in the results directly. In its announcement Bing claimed that the changes it has brought about would not only provide people with quick and strategic information, but also give them the opportunity to use that information for constructive purposes.

The address search option of Bing is smart too and offers comprehensive data such as street views and map, even if you don’t enter the complete address. Searching for a celebrity gives you more than the usual information such as his bio, professional achievements, picture, etc.

Following up on the December Updates

Earlier in December 2013 Bing had announced updates to Satori to make Bing’s knowledge base more interactive and useful for genuine searchers. The added features back then included:

  • Audio option for listening to national anthems or famous speeches
  • Historic events snapshots
  • University rankings
  • Online course links of some universities
  • Explanations of scientific topics
  • Relationships between people and places
  • Answers to questions about natural language
  • Easy method to find and download software and apps
  • Animal information
  • TED Talks links in the case of related search results

The latest Snapshot results update has followed up on the previous updates, and is a move to strengthen its position in the battle with Google for the tag of the most user-friendly search engine. It shows that Bing is growing further in importance, and professional SEO services have got to ensure that their clients have their online marketing efforts performing well in Microsoft’s search engine.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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