Google AdWords ‘Limited by Budget’ Graph Estimator for Effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management

Google rolled out ‘Limited by Budget’ Graph Estimator with AdWords on October, 2013 to show websites that their budget is not meeting the available inventory for their keywords and campaigns. Users are able to view the graph by simply clicking the ‘Limited by budget’ alert in AdWords. As this feature helps a thorough budget assessment, it is a great tool to manage pay-per-click campaigns effectively.

The estimator graph pops up on clicking the alert message would look like this (photo shared by @SergeyRusak on Twitter).

Limited by Budget

The budget estimator shows

  • Estimated clicks on weekly basis
  • Estimated weekly impressions
  • Cost per week for each proposed budget setting

The historical picture of the additional clicks or impressions that your campaigns would have received each day over the past week in case your budget had been set up higher is no longer displayed in this graph. Earlier, it was possible to find out whether a campaign missed out on clicks in just two of the days. Now, you can view the aggregated estimates for clicks and impressions for each budget recommendation with the estimator graph. The estimates are still shown on the basis of previous seven-day period. This helps advertisers in the following ways:

  • Tells them that more inventory is available if they adjust their budgets
  • Prompts them to spend more with Google AdWords

With the ‘Limited By Budget’ Graph Estimator with AdWords, it is now easier to understand the relative impact that each budget setting has on your campaign. Budget assessment is a crucial factor for PPC campaign management and the estimator graph helps with that as it can easily measure the impact of each budget recommendation.