“Views” for Google Plus Profiles – A New Metric to Assess Google Plus Activity

Views for Google PlusSocial media marketing on Google Plus just got a boost with “Views”. With the newly added ‘view counts’ feature for personal profiles, Google Plus allows you to see the total number of views on your Google Plus profile. ‘Views’ tells you how many times your content (your photos, posts, videos and profile page) has been viewed by other people. View counts are displayed next to follower count underneath name and location on your profile page. This feature can improve the reputation of your page and is also beneficial as a new metric to determine engaged people are with your Google Plus page. Let’s see what Yonatan Zunger, Chief Architect of Google+ has to say on ‘views’:

When someone views your profile page or when they look at your content (for example, when your posts show up on a user’s screen), this constitutes a view. However, if someone looks at your hovercard, this doesn’t count as a view. When someone reshares or +1 your posts, they are counted on ‘views’ since a person performs both these actions only after seeing your posts. This makes ‘view counts’ a more useful metric to measure Google Plus activity than ‘Ripples’, which is only a graphical representation of how a post is shared in the Google Plus network. Views are also more effective than follower count. You might notice that some people on Google Plus have a lot of views though they have only a small number of followers. This is because these people engage much better with their small group compared to others who have a large number of followers, but do not engage with them well.

However, Google says that the ‘view counts’ may not be exact and the count may not be updated in real time.

If you don’t want to show your view counts, you can hide them. You can do that by making the following changes in the settings:

  • Sign into your Google Plus account and click ‘Home’ on upper left corner
  • Click on ‘Settings’ and scroll to ‘Profile’
  • Uncheck the box to the left side of ‘Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed’

This setting can’t be adjusted from your mobile device right now and so you can hide your view count only from a desktop computer.

Growing your Google Plus viewer base is critical to meet your social media marketing goals. A professional SEO company can provide you with the right strategies to drive engagement and your view count on Google Plus for higher search engine ranking.

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