YouTube Announces New Features for Content Marketing on First Creator Preview Video

YouTube conducts two global satisfaction surveys every year to understand what users want and what they don’t like and help improve on where its lacks. A recent post on Creators, the official YouTube Partners and Creator Blog, says that the most recent survey revealed that the users want to know about new updates the popular video-sharing website is working on before they are launched. Accordingly, YouTube decided to entice its users with ‘Creator Preview’ videos. This is a series of videos through which YouTube will officially inform users, especially video creators, about what’s in store for them. The first video released on May 20th tells about several features that will be launched in the coming months for video content marketing.

YouTube’s first ‘Creator Preview’ video gives a run-down on the following:

  • A separate mobile app for video creators so that they can have the features they need in the palm of their hand at times of need. One major feature of this mobile application is that it facilitates easier management of video creators’ channels, which paves way to raise money from their viewers. This can be useful for creators who struggle to manage their accounts especially on mobile devices. The application also helps creators upload the new videos directly from their mobile devices.
  • A feature that allows fans to fund YouTube content creators so that it will become possible for video creators to launch their projects directly from YouTube instead of having to approach third-party organizations.
  • Viewers will have the opportunity to create captions and subtitles for videos in 60+ languages, which will make language translations much easier. The submissions are subjected to the approval of the video creators.

As per the Creators blog post, these features will join some recent updates such as new comment management feature, a way for artists to monetize eligible cover song videos on YouTube and the ever-expanding Creator Academy.

Experts suggest the following tactics for effective and higher SEO ranking:

  • Publish more diverse videos on YouTube in order to attract more subscribers
  • Embed YouTube videos on web content
  • Share YouTube videos on social networking sites and engage your community with those videos
  • Encourage YouTube advertising

International brands like Coca-Cola have clearly demonstrated excellence in marketing video content on YouTube with several viral campaigns including ‘Share a Coke’, ‘Coca-Cola Happiness Machine’ and more, which received millions of views and shares. With their own mobile apps to manage their accounts and upload new videos directly from their mobile devices, crowdfunding, and viewers’ contribution of captions and subtitles, small businesses will have even more opportunities for video content marketing.

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Monica Barber

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