Bing Ads Rolling Out Bid Landscape at the Ad Group Level

Bing Ads has recently announced that its Bid Landscape tool released in March 2014 is now applicable at the keyword and Ad group level for US Advertisers. Equivalent to the Bid Simulator in Google AdWords, Bid Landscape is a feature designed to give users more bidding power with less guesswork. The keyword level bid landscape has also been expanded to non-US advertisers with Ad group level to follow soon.

Bing Ads Rolling Out Bid Landscape

Bid Landscape for Ad Groups can be found by locating the chart icon right below the Ad group current bid value, all within the Ad Group Tab. At the keyword level, the tool helps to fine-tune keyword bids, with an up to 7-day historical window into estimated impressions by revealing the estimated cost, clicks, impressions and top impressions for a single keyword at various bid price points.

With increased Ad group default bids, the user’s competitive position can be improved. By using the Ad Group level Bid Landscape feature, one can quickly and confidently raise those bids on all the keywords in the Ad group, which otherwise is a challenge. The tool can be used either in a default mode or in uniform mode.

  • Default mode: This mode will help to fine tune the Ad group default bids for keywords without changing your custom keywords bids.
  • Uniform mode: This mode will provide the option to update the Ad group bid, and apply to all keywords. It will tell you if there is a single bid that can achieve similar or better performance.

This feature, submitted to a group of pilot participants at the end of 2013 received overwhelmingly positive response. All the users agreed that the feature provided them with an easy and convenient way to judge the effects of placing different bids per keyword and enabled them to make better informed decisions to optimize their campaigns.

Bing Ads, in its announcement has also provided examples on how to use the tool to improve your campaign’s performance. To check if a top performing Ad group would perform even better, the default mode can tell you how these keywords would have performed in the past 7 days if giving a different bid. You can also check on the uniform mode, which shows another perspective that you can use a single bid for the whole group, and thus don’t have to spend time at the keyword level.

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