Google to Focus on Providing Answers to Predictive and Voice Queries

Is Google trying to find new definitions for ‘search’? An article in the Business Journal confirms this. Google scientist Jeff Dean describes how neural networks are improving everything Google does and that the focus is on what he calls their “toughest problems”: natural language processing, speech recognition, and computer vision. For instance, if a person were to ask the question “Find me an online store that offers mid-priced LED TVs”, Google hopes to be able to successfully respond.


Google innovative products include Google Glass, Moto X and Nexus smartphones and the search engine giant is now focusing on new technologies to implement voice search and predictive search on both desktop and mobile platforms.

A year ago, Google introduced “conversational search” for Chrome web browser users. This naturally spoken question-and-answer interface is more like natural human speech. If you ask an audible query, you will get spoken answers. This feature is available on every Android based smartphone. Google said that the “conversational search” is built on natural language, semantic search and other such aspects to make it more user-friendly.

Right now Google Glass takes a picture if you tell it to. You can speak to send a message, ask whatever’s on your mind and even get your voice translated to Mandarin or other languages!

In his interview, Dean says that vision will be an important input in the future. For instance, a Google Glass is expected to be able to look around and read all the text on building and signs and also do perform a background check and provide additional information.

Research on voice activated search and predictive search results are undoubtedly exciting subjects for the search engine optimization (SEO) industry as innovations will take SEO into a new level. Voice search impacts paid search tactics and keywords and predictive search creates a positive effect on both desktop and mobile-based local search marketing campaigns. According to SEO industry experts, marketers need to focus on a better understanding on how to enhance their online visibility in the light of these new developments.