Google’s Latest Shopping Feed Updates

Google's Latest Shopping FeedGoogle has recently updated the feed requirements for Google Shopping with several new attributes as well as some changes to existing content requirements.

Since its launch in 2002, Google Shopping has been helping retailers reach shoppers by allowing them to find their product listings on Google. It also allows merchants to maintain the accuracy and freshness of their product information, so that their customers can find the relevant, current items they’re looking for. While allowing consumers to evaluate products, prices, and descriptions through one easy search engine interface, it is also an influential tool for businesses looking to improve their product visibility and sales.

Google’s latest shopping specifications include updates to mobile links and bundle attributes, availability specification changes, and changes to apparel identifiers such as:

  • Mobile landing page links should be submitted separately through the data feed to direct people shopping on mobile devices to the right experience
  • Merchant-defined custom bundles, such as a camera with additional case and lens, must now be identified in order to be displayed appropriately on Shopping
  • Apparel attributes are added to allow more detailed descriptions of your apparel products such as such as “age group” and size attributes “size system” and “size type”.
  • Item availability to update quantity labels is now simplified to allow a clearer distinction between different availability states. It includes an “availability” attribute to note when pre-ordered items will be available.
  • Mandatory character limits clearly stated for each attribute ensures that the right product information is being displayed

This new feed specification will be implemented on September 30, 2014. Google has also updated its image recommendations to help retailers submit higher quality product images.

In Google Shopping, the product feeds is the marketer’s products list in which attributes such as product name, price, description, and image are specified. The attributes depend on the country and the product type. While some of them are mandatory (like ‘image’), others like ‘description’ are optional, though relevant. Linking their Google AdWords and Merchant Center account allows businesses to surface their products directly to users through Product Listing Ads.

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