Search Engine from Quixey that ‘Looks Inside’ Mobile Apps

Many smartphone users know that as a search engine for apps, Quixey delivers users to the ‘front door’ of relevant mobile apps based on a keyword or category. Now, the company is building a search engine that looks inside mobile apps. Now, Quixey is going further by helping users search inside apps. Functional search technology will dig up the functions and utility locked within apps and provide better and richer results. As studies show that people are spending more time on mobile apps than on the mobile web, businesses are now looking to optimize for mobile app results and Quixey is supporting this by enhancing app developers’ deep linking abilities.

According to Liron Shapira, Chief Technical Officer at Quixey, the way people interact with the third-party apps on their smartphones is broken. People need to search through a clutter of icons to find the app they want and need to remember how they navigate through each one. Quixey aims to resolve this by adding a search box in mobile phones that can take in queries and find the answer by peering inside apps. For instance, this search bar would be able to take in queries such as ‘How to bake a cake’ or ‘linkin park music’ and show up a list of results that take the user to the relevant screen or function within the app with a single tap. For example, the following example shows specific content and references to cake baking inside multiple apps.

Quixey that 'Looks Inside' Mobile Apps

Quixey’s indexing is far different from web search engines which visit web pages using software, and build an index of the information they acquire and the links between them. Quixey assimilates information about mobile applications collected from app stores and review sites with data from a feature called deep links, a kind of hyperlink that point to a particular place or function inside a mobile app. This will empower mobile app developers to present the information about the mobile applications they develop as desired, not as dictated by app stores and major search engines.

Many app developers have started using adding deep links to their apps as this will allow them to advertise on mobile device more effectively. Facebook, Google and Twitter encourage or sometimes insist app developers using advertising services to equip their apps with deep links. In October 2013, Facebook launched a new kind of mobile ad based on deep links which allow companies to show ads to people based on Facebook likes and take them directly to a specific place within a mobile app. In addition to deep linking for more effective online marketing, Quixey’s search technology will make it easier for consumers to get things done using their smartphone.