LinkedIn’s ‘Connected’ App to Strengthen Relationships

Social media marketers have no doubt about one thing – adding connections and extending outreach is the cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign on LinkedIn. Now, the business-oriented social networking service has come up with ‘Connected’, a new mobile application to strengthen your connections or business relationships. The company launched the ‘Contacts’ app a year ago to bring all contacts from address books, email accounts and calendars together to harness the power of the LinkedIn network. When it was found that the users wanted more, LinkedIn modified the ‘Contacts’ app to the ‘Connected’ app in order to provide them with a smarter and easier way to stay connected with those who matter.

Adding on to an existing app, the ‘Connected’ app lets you check what your professional contacts are up to, though as a user, you will not be able to alter your profile, search for jobs, or follow companies. The app is built for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or later. According to the LinkedIn blog post, it makes your connections stronger in the following ways:

  • Notifications on Celebrating Milestones – The app lets you know when someone in your network mentions and is celebrating moments that matter such as getting jobs, work anniversaries, or birthdays, and reminds you to connect with the people you met recently. This gives you a reason to reach out to your connections and strengthen your relationship with them.

Celebrating Milestones

  • Stay Connected Easily – The app is specifically designed for LinkedIn users to network effectively. The updates from the network appear in the form of cards similar to Google Now cards that contain bite-sized pieces of information in a mobile-friendly format. You can either swipe through the cards or stop to click on the profile of a person where you can see if you have mutual interests, and what you need to remember about them. This card-based experience makes it simple and easy to connect with people.
  • Work Out of Networking – If you sync your contacts and calendar with the app, you can activate highly relevant and timely reminders just before meetings as well as pre-meeting intelligence. To be more specific, if someone in your network will be at an upcoming meeting, the app will send a notification about them along with the photo and recent LinkedIn updates.

Work Out of Networking

In short, the ‘Connected’ app aims to take the ‘work out of networking’.

LinkedIn’s unique strategy has been to develop mobile applications based on usage patterns. The ‘Connections’ app is the latest in that list and achieves its purpose to maintain and utilize contacts in the best possible manner. It is estimated that 40% of LinkedIn users access their professional network through mobile devices. In summary, the new app helps online marketers to streamline their efforts and catch the attention of mobile consumers by giving them an opportunity to access and use the professional social network more effectively.

Another important aspect of this app is ‘anticipatory computing’. As mobile devices are transported everywhere the user goes, are connected to Internet, and have sensors (for example, GPS), they are the best tool to understand the user’s context. This concept has been included in the ‘Connected’ app in the form of push notifications to prepare for an upcoming meeting. When it comes to optimizing your social marketing campaign, taking full advantage of these LinkedIn’s updates will definitely enhance the way you attract and manage your connections.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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