Twitter Lags Behind Established Marketing Channels in Marketer Satisfaction, Says a Forrester Research Survey

Twitter’s popularity as far as social networking goes is far from questionable. However, the value of the Twitter marketing platform is lagging behind others, says a research survey. It’s claimed that Promoted Tweets offered at Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) basis enables brands to spread their message across the Twitter audience, increase user engagement, drive conversations about their products and thereby enhance brand awareness. But the real picture is different says this 2013 survey (Q3 2013 survey from July to September) sponsored by Forrester Research, Technology and Market Research Company. The survey covered 395 marketers in the United States, the UK and Canada and says that though a majority of large marketers (60%) use Twitter for various business objectives, only 55% are satisfied with the service. The report says Internet marketers are more satisfied with traditional marketing tactics such as e-mail marketing, search marketing and other channels.
Forrester Research Survey

  • The survey found that many marketers were quite disappointed at the extent in which the Twitter provides guidance and education on marketing campaigns and its capability to confidently measure the success of their social media marketing strategies. Due to this, though Twitter-based marketing has much more business value than most Facebook marketing tactics (as shown in the figure), it seems to far behind established marketing channels in the sense of both marketer satisfaction and marketer spending.
  • The researchers noted that Twitter should not only develop extra marketing possibilities, but also make an effort to provide tools, best practices and good advice for marketers to utilize the platform into its fullest. If Twitter itself proves the marketing value of the platform, it will embolden marketers to contribute more resources in both paid and organic Twitter campaigns.
  • In the opinion of Forrester Research, Twitter should focus on helping brands and marketer develop better relationships with their potential customers in order to build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

The survey conducted by Ad Age, leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for marketing and media communities between late November and early December in 2013 on marketer attitudes toward social media in conjunction with RBC Capital Markets found that while many advertisers use Twitter as a marketing channel, few of them place ads on it. Though 70% of the surveyed marketers used Twitter as a marketing channel then, only 46% said they have ever purchased an ad (whether a promoted tweet, promoted trend account or TV campaign) on Twitter. Marketers seem hesitant to place ads on Twitter due to the lack of proper guidance.

However, it seems that Twitter is looking into the matter. The introduction of the new offline sales impact offering could be proof of this. In a blog post published in February 13, 2014, Twitter announced that this offering was being introduced for U.S. auto advertisers to measure actual vehicle sales from Promoted tweets. This is expected to help Twitter marketers to measure the impact of their marketing strategies more effectively.

The results of the Forrester Research Survey show that majority of Twitter marketers cannot utilize the marketing possibilities of the platform to its maximum owing to the absence of proper guidance and education. This means expert help is necessary to devise effective Twitter marketing strategies. A professional SEO company with expertise in social media marketing could help businesses make the most of the opportunities that Twitter offers.