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Now, it is not necessary to search Twitter to find the tweets you need. You can have those results on Bing. The last week of June, Microsoft’s search engine announced a an exclusive partnership with Bing, ushering in a fast and intuitive way for users to discover tweets directly in its search results. The most interesting feature of this partnership is that the search engine autosuggests results as the user types into the search box. The new facility allows Twitterattis to find trending topics faster and enhances the way businesses market content. Let’s see how.

In their official blog post, Bing explained that they cover three major types of results on their search page:

  • Trending Hashtag – When you type a few letters accompanied by a hashtag, the search engine automatically completes the query within milliseconds to showcase the top matching hashtag suggestions. For example, if you type ‘#bigb’, the search engine automatically completes it with ‘#bigbrother’.


    When you select ‘#bigbrother’ from the list, you can see top results from Twitter on the search result page.

  • Twitter Profiles – You can also find specific Twitter profiles on Bing results by searching for ‘@a’ followed by the name. When you type in the letters of the name, you can see top suggestions that match what you have typed in along with additional information, with additional information that appears on hover, to help you quickly find the right person. For example, if you are looking for Justin Bieber’s profile and start typing ‘@ju’, you can see the following suggestions and information with more information from ‘@justinbieber’.


    When you click on ‘@justinbieber’, you find his official profile on the result page. As the results is marked as ‘Verified’, you can be certain that you have clicked on the singer’s official Twitter profile.

    Justinbieber Twitter profile

    You can see any relevant tweets related to his profile as well.

    Tweeted About Justinbieber

  • Latest Tweets about Celebrities – You can search for the latest gossip about your favorite celebrity on Twitter through Microsoft’s search engine. Just type the name of the celebrity and you can find top content shared on Twitter related to that personality. If you are searching for ‘justin bieber’, Bing will show up top content shared on Twitter related to your celebrity directly in your search results.

    Tweets about Celebrities

According to the Bing Team, the main idea of this strategy is that it can help determine the most interesting content on Twitter using a combination of the tweet’s popularity,its freshness and the authority of the user tweeting the content. They look into a number of signals to determine this such as tweet quality, retweet count, freshness of tweet, user profile info and verified status, and more. Top quality tweets are served up by including these signals in this model.

What does this development mean for social media marketing? While users use Bing to find tweets that contain specific hashtags, this approach makes Microsoft’s search engine Bing a more effective Twitter monitoring tool as it allows you to see what bloggers or Twitter users are saying about your brand and your competition too. Such monitoring will help you understand the needs of your audience and meet their expectations better to generate more attention and reach.

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