What Vine’s New Loop Counts Mean for Marketers

Loop CountOn July 1, 2014, Vine introduced two new features – loop count and a new outlook for feeds. The loop counting feature is available on iOS and Android mobile apps and on the web. Loop count tells you about the number of times people looped a video on Vine and in embeds across the Internet. Loop counts update in real time as users watch the video. This prominent Twitter-based video-sharing application has also refreshed its Home feed and revamped its Activity feed as a part of giving them a new look. It is expected that these new features will enhance the way online marketers use videos to showcase their products and services.

Prior to the introduction of loop count, digital marketers could not see how many views their videos were generating on Vine. Though ‘Likes’, ‘Revines’ and ‘Comments’ are all helpful engagement metrics, the latest one adds a new dimension to the existing metrics with this ability. Industry experts point out that an average of three loops per viewer can be regarded as a strong signal of engagement. The ability to measure the performance of your content can help you understand which type of content keeps your audience engaged, and you can use the information to improve the style of your videos for Vine. In summary, loop count helps brands justify the budget they invest in social videos.

However, digital marketers express one concern about one aspect of the new feature. Loop count updates in real time as you plays the video. As the video plays and loops in an automatic fashion, loops will increase as long as the page is open even though the video is not actually being watched continuously. This means the loop count may not actually reflect the number of views that the Vine video received. The looping feature also includes numerous views by the same person in the count which 100 Likesimplies that the marketers will not get an accurate view of the size of the audience they are reaching. Many marketers also yearn for a unique viewer number that can help to effectively assess their marketing efforts on Vine relative to other social platforms including Facebook. Nevertheless, they can still make most out this metric with support from professionals having experience in marketing via video sharing on prominent sites and applications.

Vine says they began tracking loop counts from April 3, 2014 and the count for Vines only includes the loops since then. The a ‘+’ sign near the loop count indicates that there may be videos posted before that date and so the actual count is likely to be higher than that reported.

The redesigned homefeed involves bigger edge-to-edge videos and a clearer view of likes and comments in the feeds in Android and iPhone apps. The revamped Activity feed provides a better picture of what’s happening on your Vine account. There is a clear distinction between New and Older Activity and you can see notification when your Vines hit milestones (for example, 100 likes).

The new changes to feeds can provide Vine videos with a streamlined look and give online marketers the opportunity to improve the way videos are shared on Vine and promote greater customer engagement.

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