New Google Analytics Tools and Features for E-Commerce Websites

Google announced new analytics tools and features for e-commerce websites at the recent 2014 Google Analytics Summit. Developing an e-commerce website and maintaining it can be a nail-biting experience for marketers today as it involves many challenges. New ecommerce trends encompass mobile optimization and personalization, and providing suitable options that require less browsing, low latency, higher availability, and an enhanced customer experience. The latest Google Analytics tools are designed to provide useful insights for successful e-commerce web development and help marketers generate more revenue.

Google says it is constantly working to improve its products based on feedback from their most dedicated users. The new tools and features as discussed in the Analytics blog post focuses on the following aspects:

  • Enhanced Commerce – Normally, ecommerce data with Google Analytics focuses on purchase details such as transaction details, product details and more. However, today, marketers want to know about customer behavior while looking at products, how they interact with merchandising units and on-site marketing. To meet this requirement, the Google Analytics team announced beta for Enhanced Ecommerce which literally revamps the way Google Analytics measures the entire Ecommerce experience. This will provide online businesses a clear insight into new metrics about consumer behavior and conversion such as product detail views, internal campaign clicks, ‘add to cart’ actions, the success of internal merchandising tools, and the checkout process and purchase so that the marketers can understand how far users get in the buying process and where they drop off.
  • E-Commerce

  • Flexible and Scalable Reporting – As marketers and analysts are looking into multiple data sets to gain deeper insights about shoppers’ behavior, the Analytics team is working on some new features to make it easy for businesses to work with different types of Google Analytics such as:
    • Unified Channel Groupings that ensure all your site traffic are classified in-line with your unique channel definitions so that marketers can interpret and report on the consumer journey according to their unique view of acquisition channels
    • The functionality of Google Analytics Dimension Widening (now called ‘Data Import’) has expanded so that the customers will be able to import more of their own data into Google Analytics, which includes specific product details, information about returned products, insights about customers’ preferences, and so on. The imported data can be used with almost all standard Google Analytics features
    • Custom Tables for Google Analytics Premium users will enable them to retrieve unsampled data through customized tables that fit best their business needs. Once this is configured this properly, fresh data will be available daily for unsampled analysis and segmentation
  • Enterprise-Class Features – As more smart marketers are tying measurements to media execution now, the Analytics team has announced integration between Google Analytics Premium, DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager to further optimize lead generating campaigns. Google Analytics Premium is uniquely positioned to help advertisers understand how customers including potential customers interact with advertising media trafficked on the DoubleClick platform. In addition to that, advertisers can now send remarketing lists from Google Analytics to DoubleClick Bid Manager. The following four new APIs for enterprise customers, service providers and developers who manage many accounts are expected to help save time and increase productivity:
    • Provisioning API for creating new GA accounts (invite only)
    • AdWords and Filters API for managing configurations
    • Embed API to surface key reports and dashboards

Though these new tools and features can take online marketing to a new level, professional expertise in handling Analytics tools and practical knowledge in using the latest marketing techniques is crucial to gain customer interest and trust.