New Pinterest Analytics for Better Customer Insight

Pinterest introduced new Analytics tool this August to help businesses learn more about their customers. Many businesses say that they change their product and marketing strategies after learning about customer actions on this social networking site. Pinterest gives the example of a retail home improvement and appliance store that introduced a DIY-focused marketing strategy after learning that one of their Pins got more than 200,000 repins. The new Analytics tool is intended to provide you with meaningful insights about what your customers are interested in, which can help you develop more efficient Pinterest marketing strategies. Let’s see how.

Pinterest’s official blog post describes the major features of the analytics platform:

  • User Engagement and Traffic – This feature helps you understand what people love the most in your Pinterest profile and website and how much traffic your website gets by adding the ‘Pin It’ button.
  • User Engagement and Traffic

  • Better Audience Insights – This feature allows you to explore new metrics about the audience that engages with your business. You can understand their most common interests and what other businesses they follow, and use that knowledge to create Pins that drive more engagement.
  • Better Audience Insights

  • Advice for Increasing Engagement – You can use this feature to act upon Pin Insights. To be more specific, this feature will provide advice on how to increase impressions, clicks and repins so that you can fine tune your marketing strategy and increase user engagement.
  • Advice for Increasing Engagement

Analytics is crucial when it comes to optimizing social media content to maximize user engagement as it is the only way to measure the success of what you are doing. The new analytics platform provides the following benefits for Pinterest marketers:

  • With deep analytics implementation, marketers can find out which campaigns actually work and which don’t. This information helps them to distribute their budget the right way and make most out of their marketing strategy
  • Marketers need not dive into data every day, every week or every month; they would just need to look into data insights for the details (clicks, impressions, repins) during a particular period of time. This can save a lot of time

Start off by setting up your business account on Pinterest. Then seek the assistance of SEO professionals with experience in marketing products or services on social media channels to take advantage of this new Analytics platform.

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