‘Retweet With Comment’ Option to Enhance Brand Engagement

Twitter recently introduced ‘Retweet with comment’ option in addition to automated retweet that involves simply clicking the retweet button. This new option is more of a manual retweet with copy-pasting the content to retweet in your tweet box, adding the letters RT and the Tweet author’s @username to show that it’s a retweet and typing your comments at the beginning of the message. In short, it will let you display the original tweet in a Twitter card and at the same time leaves you the opportunity to respond with a full 140 characters. Retweets are considered an effective method to spark brand engagement and enhance marketing on Twitter.

Retweet With Comment

The two main advantages with the new manual retweet option are as follows.

  • It will be easier for your followers to understand that you were the one who sent the tweet to them as your message comes first instead of the original author in automated tweet.
  • Adding your own thoughts to retweets is quite effective. The “Retweet with comment” may replace the “Quote the tweet” option, which simply allows you to add your two cents to the original tweet. The new option provides tweeters with more space to voice their opinions while linking to the original tweet.

So, how does this help in branding? The new feature makes it easier for brands to join in the conversation as they can easily see a conversation in progress, minimize the need to copy/paste and avoid the confusion regarding what tweets or content are being referenced. Brands can also join in a relevant conversation among targeted audience by adding their own in-depth comments. This will not only let the audience know about them, but also bring home their expertise in a particular industry. As the conversation progresses, this will improve brand engagement and eventually brand awareness, reach and authority.

By engaging in thoughtful conversations on Twitter, it is possible to connect with industry influencers and build a fruitful relationship with them. These are the individuals who have maximum influence over potential buyers. If you get them to say a good word about your product/service, everyone who follows them will also follow your brand and in this way you can expand your customer base.