Google’s New Mobile Conversational Search – Great SEO Opportunity for Restaurant Businesses

The conversational functionality of Google’s search app is very popular among smartphone users for planning trips. This October, the search giant upgraded its conversational search functionality with a set of new features that makes it easier to plan things. The features are available on both the Android and iOS Google app and can help local businesses improve SERP (Search Engine Page Result) ranking. In fact, this upgrade offers restaurant businesses a great opportunity to optimize search results for mobile users.

The official Google Search blog post lists the features of the new app:

  • Find Restaurants Near Your Location – You can find a spot for dinner by simply asking Google to show you the restaurants near your location. A list shows up on your screen and you can choose a restaurant from it. If you are looking for a special dish, you can ask for the restaurant’s menu in the list with the query: ‘show me the menu for the first one’.
  • Restaurant's Menu
  • More Easy Reservation – Once you choose a restaurant, you can make a reservation. If the chosen restaurant is on OpenTable, a reservation screen will pop up with already filled out details which allows you to make the reservation very quickly.
  • Directions and Reminders – Once you make the reservation, Google will remember the selection and you can continue your search by asking for directions to the restaurant. You will also get notifications about your dinner reservation, and other reminders too such as when it’s time to leave to catch your flight.

With an efficient local optimization strategy, restaurant businesses make use of these features to extend their reach, and increase conversions and sales. Here are some things to focus on:

  • With these new updates, it’s obvious that restaurant businesses need to have location data on their websites and a verified Google Plus local listing. Without this information, Google cannot return your business in its search results when a potential customer performs a location-based conversational search in your area. Make sure your business is listed on Google Plus Local platform and also that your profile is complete and properly optimized. You should ensure that your happy customers or clients can leave a positive review on your page.
  • Make sure your restaurant is on OpenTable. With its tools for online real-time restaurant-reservation service, people can easily make reservations at your place via their mobile devices.
  • Add menu details to your website content in addition to your address.
  • Claim your Google+ Local Page and verify it so that it is eligible to appear on Google Maps. This will make your restaurant visible to potential customers searching for your products and services in the local area.

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Monica Barber

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