Updated Category Pages from Pinterest

This July, Pinterest announced that it is updating the category pages with new additions. When visiting your favorite categories on this social media site, you can see a new selection of specialized interests with each category. You can thus explore more specific content with this and follow other people who share the same interest to have their Pins right in your home feed. You can use this feature (in English) on both mobile (Android, iPad, iPhone) and desktop (web) platforms. Being a feature that supports content discovery, it really benefits marketers who utilize Pinterest for online business.

The Official blog post gives an example to understand how the new category pages work. If you go to ‘Outdoors’ category, you can see related interests such as Fishing, Hiking, Camping and Running at the top of the page. When you choose ‘Hiking’, you can explore all kinds of Pins from other Pinners interested in hiking. You can further navigate through Ice Climbing, Asia Travel or other topics that hikers like from there also.


If you find a topic where people are Pinning lots of content that you need, you can either click or tap the Follow button so that those Pins will start appearing in your home feed. You can go back to the interest and click ‘Unfollow’ to stop seeing these Pins on your home feed. It is possible to manage your interests using the newly updated ‘Following’ section within your profile. You can see all the boards and Pinners that you follow in this section.

Here are the major advantages of this feature:

  • For Pinterest users, it is quite easy to discover more of the content they are interested in while blocking the content they are not interested in. For example, if they are interested in ‘Hiking’, but particularly ‘Ice Climbing’, they can block out content on ‘Pacific Crest Trail’, ‘Asia Travel’ and other topics and explore more on ‘Ice Climbing’. This makes online marketers focus on developing more specific content.
  • With specific levels of ‘Categories’, marketers can reach out to other businesses in their specific industry and learn how they market their products and services.
  • Following the right users can not only provide you with great content, but also bolster your relationship with your audiences.

In order to fully utilize these advantages for your business and benefit from outstanding results, expert help is essential.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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