Facebook Sidebar Ads Getting New Design

On April 9, Facebook announced they are going to roll out new design for sidebar ads (ads in the right column) by making them more visually consistent with desktop New Feed ads. As users can comment, share and like the post, News Feed ads are regarded a better option for Facebook marketers. With this announcement, online marketers and seo companies can hope the social media giant is on its way to enhancing the value of sidebar ads by giving them the same proportions as News Feed ads.

According to the Facebook Products News post, sidebar ads will be larger in size and will shrink in numbers. To be more specific, there will be one big ad in the place of several small ads. This will provide Facebook advertisers with an easier way to create ads and an enhanced canvas on the right side of the Facebook page.

Facebook Sidebar Ads

Some advertisers can see this option later in April, and the design is expected to be rolled out to all advertisers later this year. However, the old and new formats will be supported during the transition phase.

Impact of the Updated Ads on Facebook Marketers

Facebook advertisers and Social media Campaign Managers are expected to benefit in two ways with the new design:

  • With the new look of sidebar ads and their distribution, advertisers can offer a better ad experience for their customers on Facebook. Early Facebook tests indicated that on seeing the new design, there was increased engagement from people (up to three times more)
  • Since the updated ads reflect the overall shape of News Feed ads, marketers can use same images for News Feed and sidebar ad placements instead of choosing separate images for each of them

Facebook marketers can make their larger sidebar ads reach more Facebook audience with the following practices

  • Consider Your Goals – Each ad type with Facebook campaigns help you to achieve a different goal. So you should consider your goals, identify your objectives, and then allow Facebook to recommend an ad based on your aim. Facebook’s new campaign structure is very helpful when it comes to organizing, optimizing, and measuring ads. If the old campaign structure consists of only two levels, campaigns and ads, the new structure has another level – ad sets.
    Facebook Campaigns

    Every single campaign can feature multiple ad sets having their own budget and schedule. The ad sets can be organized to represent audience segments so that it will help you to control the amount spend on audiences, decide when they will see your ads, and measure their responses. You can have multiple ads within each ad set featuring different images, video, links or text. For example, if you own a clothing retail business and you want to drive traffic to your website to increase sales, increase brand awareness and promote offers, the new campaign structure will give you the opportunity to create a campaign for each objective with the new sidebar ads.

  • Understand Your Audience – Presenting right message before right people at the right time is the key to any type of marketing. The same goes for Facebook marketing. If you don’t have an idea about who should see your sidebar ads, you can’t increase engagement with ads. With Facebook’s improved Cored Audiences targeting options, you can reach your specific audience according to their location, demographics, interests and behaviors. This targeting feature is built into all ad buying interfaces with Facebook.
    Create Audience

    The ‘lookalike audiences’ feature with Facebook can help you to find new customers by reaching people similar to existing customers. Facebook recently expanded ‘lookalike audiences’ capabilities by allowing advertisers to create lookalikes according to people who visit their business websites, use their mobile apps, or are connected to their pages on Facebook

  • Create Outstanding Ads – The final part is creating excellent sidebar ads that can drive the attention of your targeted audiences. Create ads that make most out of current events and build proper connection between you and your audience. Try to make your ads eye-catching by using rich visuals, brand logos and bright colors since people do click on those things they recognize. As the sidebars are getting larger, they can attract the visitors who come only for News Feed ads