On Facebook’s Call-to-Action Feature to Increase CTR

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are the key lead generation element of both traditional and digital marketing. It can be challenging to create a message on a social media network to attract people’s attention and make them take action based on that message. A better option for online marketers to drive fans and followers to their website is to include a link in the publication that the user can click on. In an effort to help businesses increase click-through-rates and audience engagement, Facebook introduced a call-to-action button in February this year. The buttons help highlight specific marketing goals and give brands the opportunity to encourage people to do more than just “Like” something. With this button, businesses have a better way to drive people to their landing pages on both desktop and mobile.

Facebook's Call-to-Action

Adding the call-to-action button to their advert allows businesses increase Click Through Rates (CTR), helping with the EdgeRank score and maintaining audience reach. This new feature has also taken the pressure off marketers who have tried to include call-to-actions within their ad images. The button can also improve engagement with organic posts, enabling businesses reach more people and improve social media strategies. The five types of CTA buttons that this social media platform supports are

  • Learn more
  • Shop now
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now
  • Download

Facebook does not permit ad images that have more than 20% text and the Call to Action button helps overcome this. The Call to Action can be placed outside the image, so that 20% of the allowed text can be used to maximize the message within the ad.

To include a Call to Action button in their links, users need to create an unpublished post through Power Editor, which is a Google Chrome extension that allows the development and editing of Facebook ads. Detailed instructions are available at it works

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