Google Rolls Out ‘Estimated Total Conversions’

The Google’s AdWords tool allows businesses to estimate their ad performance based on specific keywords and Quality Score. It can help them quickly understand the relevancy of single search terms and also whole product categories and brands. Google’s Adwords bid simulator tool collects and evaluates data from ad auctions on the search engine during the last seven days and along with the other tools, estimates where your ad would have appeared and how frequently it would have been clicked upon. Conversion estimates enhance the Bid Simulator Tool to help you predict the number of conversions you can get through your ads. It shows estimates for both the one-per-click and many-per-click conversions you might have got with different bids. These conversion estimates are based on clicks received from a recent week period.

Estimated Total Conversions

Starting October 1, 2013, Google rolled out a new feature – Estimated Total Conversions – for all AdWords advertisers who use conversion tracking. People use many devices to communicate and shop and this can make it quite challenging for to measure conversions that begin on one device or browser and end on another. Estimated total conversions helps measure such cross-conversions for ads traffic on Google mentions the following advantages for businesses:

  • It helps them understand how their AdWords campaigns impact their conversions across various devices and browsers.
  • Better information helps business decision making
  • Helps enhance resource allocation between online and offline budgets
  • Compare estimated total conversions among various devices helps businesses optimize their mobile bids.

Professional conversion rate optimization (CRO) solutions are available to help convert more website visitors into active users that purchase your products and services or show interest in your content. SEO companies providing CRO services use Google analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website. They can help set up a testing and optimization plan to improve the performance of your website by optimizing your landing pages and user experience, and making the best use of Google’s new tools to measure and enhance your online success.

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