In-stream Video and Image Previews with Twitter Apps to Promote Visual Content on Twitter

Twitter AppsIn October 2013 Twitter introduced an update for its iOS, Android and web apps, that adds in-stream video and image previews to the main feeds. Previously, users had to tap on links for images via Twitter or videos via Vine. Right now, you can see the previews for Twitter photos and Vine videos in the feed update itself. If you wish, you can toggle these in-line previews off in the apps. Experts suggest Twitter aims at making the stream look friendlier to new users with this feature. The advertisers can thus promote visual content on Twitter and thereby enhance their Twitter marketing efforts. Let’s see how.

This update provides the following advantages to Twitter advertisers.

  • Launch Display Advertisements – Earlier, the users would need to click through the links shown on Twitter to see the image. As a result, even if you create a display ad, the customers may not notice it. With in-stream image previews, advertisers can launch display advertisements on Twitter which can be easily spotted by customers.
  • Drive More Attention of Customers – The image and video previews can easily drive the attention of customers as visual content appeals more than text to humans. There is no doubt more customers will respond to an image preview of your latest chocolate product rather than if you tweet something about the product and place a link to its image. It is because people attach more credibility to visuals.
  • Make Your Content Shareable – Good visuals will make the content interesting to users and there will be a greater chance that they would share that content with their friends and acquaintances. You can make the content more shareable by including breaking news, a celebration or an event into the visual content.

However, the major side-effect of this change is it may lower the information density of the feed overall when comes to text. Twitter is taking great effort to make up for this. One such effort is its breaking-new notification experiment, @eventparrot.

To utilize in-stream image previews for your social media marketing campaigns, it is very important to optimize your images for previews. Suppose you placed a display ad of providing 50% discount for your new chocolate product. If your image preview shows the portion which says 50% discount, it will attract the customers more and they will expand the image to read the full advertisement. If the image preview shows only a portion of your product, it won’t drive the attention of customers as much as before. A professional SEO company that focuses on social media optimization can help you to not only utilize this feature, but also manage the entire promotion campaign for your business on Twitter.