New YouTube Tool to Track the Video Quality Your ISP Can Stream

New YouTube Tool to Track the Video Quality Your ISP Can StreamIt is undisputable that high-quality videos are critical to the success of Video Marketing. The last week of May, YouTube announced the launch of ‘Google Video Quality Report’, a tool that allows you to track the level of video quality your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is capable of streaming. Brand marketers who see their videos buffer regularly can use this report to understand the reason for poor video quality and follow the tips to make their YouTube videos play better. However, this facility is now available to only those who live in the U.S. or Canada.

In addition to being able to judge the video quality provided by your ISP, this tool also allows you to see the level of quality other ISPs in your area are delivering. If you find your ISP is not streaming videos at the definition you need for your YouTube marketing campaign, you can use this option to compare your ISP with other ISPs and choose the best one. Here are the levels at which the tool rates video quality as per the YouTube blog post.

  • HD Verified – If the provider delivers HD video consistently at a resolution of at least 720p with no buffering or interruptions, then it is HD verified
  • Standard Definition – If you can watch videos at a resolution of at least 360p, this means the provider is delivering Standard Definition
  • Lower Definition – The provider is delivering Lower Definition performance when the videos load very slow or buffer frequently, even at resolutions lower than 360p

High-quality, high-definition videos without buffering issues are crucial for online video marketing.

  • If the videos are not clear and do not have good lighting, viewers will not be able to see what you are advertising. If the subject and focus of the video is unclear, consumers will lose interest in your YouTube video, which means they wouldn’t watch it or share it on social networks
  • Users often find it irritating to watch videos that load slowly, have buffering issues and interruptions and will abandon such videos and move on to alternate tasks

In summary, poor video quality can kill your campaign. The YouTube post on its new tool offers the following tips to improve video quality:

  • Check Your Quality Report
  • Ensure that the person with whom you are sharing your network connection is not downloading a huge file
  • Make sure you are using an updated browser
  • Make sure your plug-ins are enabled and up-to-date
  • Clear the cache and cookies
  • Check if the video performance is better near your Wi-Fi router
  • Restart your computer and router

Hope this post help you in improving your YouTube presence. Good luck with everything.

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Monica Barber

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