Nofollow Links Also Make a Difference

Nofollow LinksIf you own a business website or operate a blog for fun, the thing that keeps you motivated to do better is how many people view it and like it. After all, every endeavour in this world is generally done to gain someone’s approval. In this huge world of web platforms, gaining approval comes in the form of being followed by more number of people. When you create a web page, in the language of an SEO company, link building is the next step that you must spend lots of time and energy on.

For those who are not aware of what these links are, every time a page gets an inbound link, it means it gains that much approval both in the eyes of its audience and Google. Google is the giant company that has the most envied search engine and everyone in this world who has a web presence wants the stamp of Google to attract more customers. Google ranks the websites and depending on this ranking lists the sites every time anyone searches for some information on any topic.

When you have lots of links pointing to your site, it means there are more chances that Google will trust your credibility and rank you higher. Follow links are those that are said to have what is known as "link juice" and thus have a large impact on the rank one gets. The other type of links is nofollow links about which we will be talking in this article.

Nofollow links are those links which do not have any "link juice" and do not work towards building points for you. However, even these links should not be ignored just because they don’t collect points for you that determine your rank. There are several other things that these links can do for you. Let us review the advantages of nofollow links in detail.

  • Creating awareness is step one: Every time one talks about link building, any SEO company will tell you that the very step of building links is by creating awareness about your web page or product. Once the awareness is created and once people start noticing you, links will come in on their own. So a nofollow link although does not have much value when it comes to gaining the useful points to secure a good ranking but it definitely means that people still checked out your product and are now aware of it.

    Any kind of link, whether follow or nofollow means that the person forming this is either supporting a particular viewpoint, recommending it to his/her friends, or simply liked what he/she saw. Whatever be the reason, you can at least be sure that there are some people out there who know about your page. Even if the links are not followed or clicked, they still build awareness as long as they are visible.

    There may be times when you just read something you like but don’t follow it. Sometime later, if you find something where this article is relevant, you then link it and thus the chain grows from there. So just because at first you got a nofollow link does not mean that times will not change later. You just need a tad bit more patience.

  • Money is power: Now anything in this world that gets you money is worth spending your efforts on. As we already discussed, the nofollow links create awareness about a certain product/service. This awareness can and many a time go to the next step which is the person seeing likes what he sees and spends his money on your product. And no one wants to let go of profit. There are so many things that are more important than gaining the domain authority and money is definitely somewhere on the top of this list. And nofollow links help you in this regard and therefore should not belittled whatsoever.

    How this works is that once you like something on say social networking sites, you follow them there and thus start looking at the things they post every day. This will lead to more awareness and if you get engaged enough, you spend not just your time but your money also on knowing and owning it. What this means is that once a person is made aware and is engaged, he/she will definitely turn this into profits in the future.

  • Little drops make the mighty ocean: What this means is that every drop big or small is equally responsible for making sure the ocean is formed and remains that way forever. So underestimating something by its size or worth is not a very wise thing to do. Same is the case with links. Just because at this moment you have more of nofollow links, it is not something to lose all your hopes about.

    It may happen that the first person who looks into your page does not follow it. But it is also very well possible that the next and next will follow it. So being patient goes a long way in ensuring that you achieve success. With the boom of social networking, it will not be long before people start taking notice and start following you.

Ways to ensure that nofollow links also help you succeed

Now that you know how important these nofollow links can be, the next obvious step is definitely to learn how to make sure that these links get you somewhere, even if it is a tiny step, towards your ultimate goals.

  • Getting the "golden" click is the key: Before there is the question of whether or not you get the link is whether or not the viewers or the users click on your page. In this case, there are several ways by which you can make sure that people click on your site. Some of the sure shot techniques of motivating the viewers is by coming up with brilliant headlines that viewers just cannot resist from opening. Once they click on it, half of your job is done. Let’s see what we should do next on this road.
  • Bigger the crowd, louder the cheers: What this means is that if you are able get lots of people to see and click on your page, then there will always be those who will follow you eventually or maybe their friends will. You never know when your luck will change and you will then be an overnight success although technically only you will know how much you have had to wait. But once you succeed, all the wait will be totally worth it.

    Some ways of increasing the audience is by contacting some top level industry and authority figures and asking them to help you out, directly asking for follow or nofollow links from the public or keep posting your stuff lots of times hoping someday it will grant all of your wishes.

  • Knowing what people want: It is difficult to understand what people want at what moment. However, every SEO company will tell you that link building can be done at its best only when you have links that are relevant to the current needs of people. Spending some time and efforts on knowing the answer to this million dollar question "what do people want?" is definitely worth it in both the short and the long run.
  • Content always rules: So you have the best ever headline, your link is very much relevant to the present needs of the people and therefore people do click on your page. Now what, once these so called people click, they get into the core or the meat if you will, of your product. Now there are no shortcuts when it comes to having worthy content. Not only does this require ample time and effort, it also requires morality and responsibility on your part.

    If you think you can mislead people into believing you with wrong headlines and links, then think again. Not everyone can be fooled that easily. And if by some stroke of luck, say you are able to initially fool people, but eventually they will figure out and then the downfall will be so hard that getting back from there would be almost impossible.

  • After this page, then what?: Once you have got the audience hooked to what you have to say, you must retain them and one way to do this is to provide links to similar information that are both relevant and important to them. This will make sure they visit you more often and get you where you want to go.
  • Complaining doesn’t solve anything: If all you are getting right now is nofollow links, it is nothing to either worry about or constantly crib about. Be content that at least you are getting noticed. The day is not at all far when people will start following you.

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Monica Barber

Monica Barber is the Internet Marketing Manager of MOS, a leading BPO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She joined the MOS team in 2013 bringing with her a wealth of experience in SEO, Social Media, web design and Internet Marketing management. She has successfully designed digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 and small to mid-size companies and continues creating new MOS digital strategies to keep up with Google’s everchanging algorithms.