Upgrades to Google Places Bulk Location Management

On May 16, Jade Wang, Community Manager for Google Places, announced that new upgrades will be coming to the Google Places Bulk Location Management tool. The ‘Bulk Upload’ facility allows businesses with ten or more locations to upload a spreadsheet file or bulk listing file and enhance their local SEO efforts. With these changes, Google aims to simplify the location import process for users. These exciting changes will become available when your account is upgraded.

Here is an overview of each upgrade as discussed in Jade Wang’s post on Google Plus:

  • Location Status on Maps – An additional column is added to describe the status of each of your locations on Maps. With this feature, you will able to know which locations are live, unverified, pending review, have errors or data conflicts or are duplicates.
  • Google Places Bulk Location Management

  • Updated Interface Shows Data Conflicts – With the updated interface, you can find details on how a location page may differ on Maps or Search results versus what is there on your dashboard. This interface will not only show you what is live on Google, but also which field is different from what is there in your dashboard. Since the updated interface can make data conflicts with your information more visible and actionable, you can take right step to improve your location page.
  • Enhanced Edit Timeframe – Google’s team is also working on improving the speed with which your data goes live.
  • Google Plus Pages – Social features will be enabled automatically for each location in upgraded and verified accounts. This will allow you to make updates and posts to your customers through the Google Plus page for your location, which offers scope for Google Plus marketing. Just hover over ‘Live’ in the status column and click the Google Plus icon to use the social features on a particular location.
  • Ability to Add and Remove Managers – There will be only one verified owner for each location and its Google Plus page. This will prevent multiple verified users for the same location from overwriting each other’s business information automatically. If the owner wants to share the responsibilities of updating data or posting social content, the access to other accounts can be given to managers. It will be possible to add or remove managers for a location by simply selecting the location and clicking on ‘Add Managers’. If you don’t want to be a manager of a location any more, you can choose from two options:
    • You can transfer the ownership to another user. Just hover the location and click on the ‘manager’ icon to view the list of current managers to initiate a transfer.
    • If you are the manager but not the owner of the location, remove the location from your account in order to stop managing that location. Select the location and click on the trash icon and then ‘stop managing’.

If a location in your account has ‘Owner conflict’, it means another user account is verified for that location in Google Places. Select that location and click on ‘Request management’ to request to be a manager of that location. Once the verified owner of the page adds your account as a manager, a new entry will appear in your dashboard showing the status of ‘Live’. After that, you can delete duplicate location from your dashboard. If you are the owner of a Google Plus page, it is required to click the ‘Remove’ link near the location and follow the steps for confirmation in order to remove a location from your account. It not necessary that a location will be removed from Google Maps on removing it from your account. You should inform Google to mark a location as closed.

Google Places has been helping local businesses to reach millions of Google users quickly and for free. With this application, your local business listing can be found easily on and Google Maps. It is an easy and effective way to maintain an online presence in the absence of a website as you can visit Google Places anytime, edit relevant information, and check how many people have seen or clicked on your listing. These upgraded features will enhance these abilities and provide you with new possibilities for internet marketing.

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