5 Great Tools to Create Mobile Websites

People are always on the go and always connected to their phones. The first thing they do when they wake up in the morning is look for their phones. We have become so connected to our phones that every minute is spent on it, and for anything, be it small or big, be it a question or an answer, we look towards our phone to solve our problems.

Nowadays every website has to have a mobile version. But mind you, it shouldn’t be just a website that is run on a mobile browser, but something unique especially for your users’ mobile phones. If it’s not, your users may not be happy with what you are offering them and look for catchier and more user-friendly websites. Users usually focus on usability and that is exactly what you need to give them. A mobile version of your website needs to have all those feasible options that are available on any desktop website. A website should have a responsive design to be accessible on all the devices used by a user. It should look on a Tablet and a mobile exactly like it looks on a desktop. You can gain this by adopting responsive design. Responsive design attends to an HTML for a particular URL and uses CSS media in order to render the same content on every device. In order to create a user friendly mobile version of your website, there are multiple tools that could come handy. Let’s see how we can utilize them.



An interactive website is always preferred more than any text-based website. No matter how you align the text, no matter how attractive you make the content, it is still too much to go through. DudaMobile gives you two options:

  • Mobile friendly version of your website
  • Responsive design for a multi-screen website to work on any device

Both of these are pretty simple versions of your website and are very handy to be used. The first one is called DudaMobile while the other is DudaOne. With DudaMobile, even a person who is not very acquainted with technical website development and management skills can manage and build a website easily. Yes, it is that simple. All you need to do is drag and drop elements to their particular panels and you are good to go. It helps you draw all the content from all the places at just one place and your customers can access anything and everything at one place. If you have seen the call feature on Zomato mobile app, you will notice that they avail the option to call the food joint right from the app. DudaMobile also provides your customers this option so they can easily call you.

Try DudaMobile for an easy and simple way to create your mobile website.



One of the best website builders, “Strikingly” is similar to DudaMobile in many ways, but distinctively different. It creates one page websites for their users. These websites are informative, attractive as well as simplistic. Just a one page website to accommodate all of your information, smart isn’t it?

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy or have advanced knowledge of preparing a website. You can easily edit the website as per your choice and preferences. It hardly takes any time. You may design every page right there and publish the page instantly. All the tools you require are handy and you can pick any of them to perform any particular actions.

Starting with domain, the search entities on your website, analytical tools and content management, you have everything ready right when you need it. Strikingly is the best way to go about building beautiful, interactive websites.



MoFuse is a very handy tool. You get a subscription for a month to avail features from. The team of MoFuse will help you build a mobile website from scratch. Be it a business owner, or a reseller, everyone can avail the amazing features of this splendid tool and build a website to be accessed on mobile device. They help you connect with your audience as well and then promote your business to a new level altogether.



In the world where everything needs to be instant, bMobilized will help you build a website for mobile devices just instantly. You can easily create instant mobile websites with all the features you are looking for your customers. They give you a sorted, clear and enhanced version of your website on your mobile. Your users won’t have any issues finding things on your mobile website and will have the exact same experience or even a better one as your desktop website. They emphasize the following:

  • A powerful platform
  • Get Mobile. Get Paid
  • Get love from Google
  • Dynamic Updates

bMobilized brings you everything you gain from your desktop website. You can advertise with Google Adsense, analyze your business and the conversion rate, get a complete mCommerce solution, and so on. With their online suite, you can easily customize your mobile site as per your convenience and choice. You can also access plugins like Click to call, Maps for address, image viewer, video player and so on. There are 30 different options you can choose from.



Another amazing way to build an interactive and polished website for your mobile users is to use Mobify. This website builder helps you create websites that directly aid the conversion rate of your website. Their client base is very impressive and you can easily rely on them to create the best mobile site for your website. They give you a guaranteed 54 percent increase in your revenue, 42 percent increase in your conversion rate and also claim a 5 percent retention rate.

This is not just any website builder, but Mobify also helps you strategize your actions and provide you with strategic resources to help you make the best of your website. As Mobify is well aware of the current generation’s take towards mobile phones, they give you an amazing scope for acceptance. The best part about this is, it is Free! There is also a paid package for this tool for added benefits, but the basic package covers almost everything for you to turn towards the paid package.

These were the 5 best tools for you to make the most out of your website by building up a mobile version for the same. After trying out all these tools you need to make sure you test them well and that all the features you are using are running well. Your visitors need to like what you have created for them and they also need to feel comfortable while using them. Having a mobile site is more like a necessity nowadays. Make the most out of it by using these amazing tools.