Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO MistakesWhile Google and other major search engines are on a mission to give quality and relevance to their search queries, many SEO mistakes can be pointed out that can have a negative effect on your page rankings. Mistakes include:

  • Focusing on search engines instead of visitors: While search engine optimization is important, your visitors matter most. Along with following established SEO guidelines, make sure to provide value to the people who actually arrive on your site. Their satisfaction should be your ultimate priority, and you’ll likely be rewarded with both high search rankings and increased revenue.
  • Too much emphasis on link building: Similar to keywords, backlinks are a very important factor for your SEO Campaign. It is important to realize that when trying to get a backlink, numbers are not the most important factor anymore – quality is. In fact, just one inbound link from a high quality, high ranking authority site is worth more than 100 backlinks from low quality, low ranking websites.
  • Targeting wrong keywords and their over usage: A common mistake many people make is targeting keyword phrases that sound good to them, but may not be relevant to their content or not used by searchers. Never assume keywords to be used; instead use a keyword research tool. Overuse of keywords can also harm your rankings and quite possibly get you penalized. When users search for certain keywords and end up on your site, they expect to see those keywords on the page in a useful format.
  • Failing to update old content: Google is penalizing sites that don’t provide original or quality content. Similar is the case with old content. Make sure to update your web pages with relevant information. Search engines want you to pay attention to your site and feed it regularly with fresh content.

The internet is constantly growing, and search engines frequently change the way they search and rank pages. A successful SEO requires a long-term investment. It is ideal to let your website climb slowly in the rankings. A sudden increase will only send Google a signal that you may be performing shady SEO practices. Professional service providers stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of internet marketing and deliver services using the right strategies.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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