LinkedIn Apps with Improved User Productivity and Mobile Reach for Effective LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn introduced three different apps on October 2013 to enhance user productivity and mobile reach – LinkedIn Intro, New LinkedIn app for iPad and LinkedIn Pulse app. According to industry experts, the main advantage of these apps is that they are integrated and avoid the difficulty of closing and opening different apps for various purposes in a mobile environment. The apps are therefore designed to fulfill the specific needs of professionals and embolden their LinkedIn marketing efforts on mobile devices.

  • LinkedIn Intro – This app is designed for iPhone Mail and provides users with a preview of the credentials of people who send them mails from popular email accounts. The app supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Google Apps and iCloud and essentially embeds the LinkedIn profiles of users into the emails they send. In short, the intro helps the users to see more information (image and credentials) about the sender and establish the context for communication unlike the emails without Intro that have little information about the sender.
    LinkedIn Intro

    Tapping the arrow button in the in-mail profile allows the user to see all the details about the sender

    Sender Details

    The intro provides an added level of credibility while forming new connections that the email may not provide. When the social media marketers reach out to new connections on LinkedIn for displaying ads campaigns or establishing contacts with the clients, the in-mail profiles would help clients to determine the sender’s credibility and respond to the campaigns or mails. Moreover, it is not expensive as sponsored in-mails. However, there is a shortcoming with this feature that users must download the Intro to be enabled. As a result, senders will not know whether recipients have already enabled the feature which delays the adoption.

  • LinkedIn app for iPad – The brand new LinkedIn app for iPad offers a fresh, new visual design that allows the users to see who is sharing, connecting, changing jobs and doing other LinkedIn activities. It is possible to share, follow and join directly from the feed and view images or videos without leaving the feed. The app provides a personalized experience to meet your different needs on LinkedIn. You can access your personalized navigation at the top part of every page by simpy tapping the LinkedIn icon or swiping down from the top bar. With this, you can quickly access the areas you visit the most.
    LinkedIn App for iPad

    Influencer and channels content are also added to the app to consume longer-form content, which can be utilized for content marketing.

  • LinkedIn Pulse app – LinkedIn acquired Pulse news service and relaunched ‘Pulse’ mobile app (for Android and iOS) with new personalization and productivity features on October. In November, the social network made Pulse app its official news aggregator for iOS and Android (both on LinkedIn site and mobile apps). Once you link your LinkedIn account, Pulse will show the articles from the channels you follow on LinkedIn and from those shared by your contacts. You can share and comment on articles by signing in to your LinkedIn account, which then spreads out to your followers. The Pulse app can therefore play a vital role in content marketing.

Competitors are rising to the occasion by trying to outdo LinkedIn and provide products that are distinct in their own way. One outcome of these efforts is TheLadders’ mobile app which customizes job matches according to the users’ past experience and career aspirations instead of providing a traditional search function that generates a high volume of irrelevant results. TheLadders also builds ‘feature-lean mobile products’ for busy professionals to save their time.

LinkedIn apps are proving an excellent platform for social media marketing based on mobile devices and also inspiring others to invent similar apps to accelerate and improve engagement between jobseekers and recruiters.