Make Video Marketing on Facebook More Effective

Apart from being a popular social networking site, Facebook is an excellent platform for marketing videos online. The major advantages of this option are you can upload your videos directly to this social networking site and they are easily shareable. With the launch of premium video ads, online advertisers have yet another opportunity to reach a large audience with high-quality sight, sound and motion. When these video ads that last for about 15 seconds appear on the screen, they will start playing without sound (auto-play) and stop if users scroll past. If users tap over the video ads, they will expand into full-screen view and start playing with sound.

Facebook Video Marketing vs. YouTube Marketing

There was a time when YouTube reigned as the first and only name when it comes to video marketing. Now, Facebook has emerged as a big rival to this video sharing platform owing to several reasons. A survey by ComScore revealed that the social media giant has surpassed YouTube in desktop viewing during the month of August this year. Facebook received around a billion more desktop views than YouTube.

Facebook vs YouTube Videos

ComScore co-founder Gian Fulgoni, gives credit to Facebook’s auto-playing feature that helped achieve this milestone. Compared to the user-initiated videos on YouTube, auto-playing videos have the potential to obtain maximum reach. In the opinion of Fulgoni, the percentage of users who will initiate the videos will naturally be less. Other reasons why Facebook surpasses YouTube are:

  • Facebook supports a lot more formats and accommodates longer formats than YouTube.
  • It is possible to like and share Facebook videos easily and those videos request users to "Like" your page through a button directly in the video.

Effective Facebook Video Marketing

ComScore survey reveals that Facebook is still behind Google when considering the video views across all devices. Fulgoni also opines that there is an issue with auto-play as to whether you would really get good engagement from the videos. It is quite certain that you would get good engagement from the user-initiated videos as the user has shown interest to view the content by playing the video. Fulgoni suggests finding new ways to seize users’ attention with auto-playing videos so that users will express their interest in seeing the video while it is playing.

Here are some tips to optimize your videos and implement more successful video campaigns on social media such as Facebook.

  • Post new and high-quality content
  • Focus on informative as well as entertaining content. Informative does not mean creating your videos full of text. Use more video content that connects well to the targeted audience.
  • Instead of annoying your audience by requesting them constantly to share or follow your brand, focus on a message you can relay to them.
  • Try posting video content consistently (every other week).