The Yahoo Directory Age – No SEO as We Know It

The Yahoo Directory Age
Search engine optimization companies and professionals may not shed many tears when they hear of the death knell of Yahoo Directory, but some would take a trip down memory lane. The Yahoo Directory has come to a close, it seems, without a proper announcement by the company and that too five days before the date it had earlier indicated.

The Pre-SEO Age of Yahoo Directory

Looking back in time, there was an era when Google was non-existent and you just couldn’t “Google anything” when you wanted to find something on the Web. Yahoo started of as Yahoo Directory, the brainchild of Jerry Yang and David Filo, organizing website listings into topics. This was the search engine of the time though web pages weren’t automatically crawled and you couldn’t search by typing in any keywords or search terms – which is the basis of SEO today. Yahoo was considered a very convenient way to find stuff on the Web, and until Google came along this was the most user-friendly method out there.

Manual Summarizing Would not Stay for Long

Though there were Google-type search engines such as Excite and InfoSeek back then, the automated search technology they used was primitive and could not serve user needs well. Though Yahoo’s system involved manual reviewing and summarizing of websites, back then this was more reliable and there were relatively fewer web pages to review as well.

Then came Google in 1998 with superior automated search technology that provided relevant results when users typed in appropriate search terms. This was, more or less, the birth of search engine optimization too and spelled the doom of Yahoo Directory.

Yahoo’s Temporary Arrangement

Yahoo Directory was essentially all that existed of it in the 1990s. It made Yahoo an indispensable service, something akin to what Google is now. Users now looking to reach out to Yahoo Directory with the old address are being redirected to a new address that opens up to a home page with various categories listed though not all are related to small businesses in spite of the title of the page indicating “Yahoo Small Business”. Reviewing any of the listings isn’t possible either since an error page opens up. This could probably be a temporary arrangement since Yahoo Small Business is also situated in a separate location.

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