Top 5 Method for Higher Landing Page Conversions

We all have a clear idea about where do we need to reach, but how is the question. That is exactly what matters the most and affects a lot of things further in your process of promoting your brand and gaining business. If you wish to have a higher landing conversion page rate, there are a few options you can consider and others you need to avoid.

Clarity and Simplicity

It is very important to provide easily understandable content and interface to your audience. Internet marketing strategies that work are those that focus on providing the best experience to users. The more easily your audience blends into the interface and atmosphere that you provide, the better you can hold their interest. Note the following:

  • Your website shouldn’t be cluttered or over crowded
  • Title and taglines should be simple but effective
  • Keep the content solution based
  • Start the heading with numbers. For instance, “5 steps.., 7 tips..,” Start with terms like “How to..” which gives a solution-based approach
  • The page should have enough white space
  • Reduce load time by avoiding flash and high quality images on the home page

All the aforementioned points should be religiously followed to keep your audience happy.

Keywords, AdWords and PPC

Search engine optimization works with everything from social media to blogs and websites. Your SEO and your social media optimization (SMO) strategies decide where your brand is going to be. There are many SEO cheat-sheets which come handy but then Google is Google for a reason. If any kind of hot linking, web spamming, and unnatural or manipulative outbound links are observed, Google Manual Action penalty is inevitable.

  • Keywords
  • Keywords are the heart of SEO. SEO lives on keywords and AdWords. There are a few things you need to focus your keywords on when considering SEO. Also, strategic SEO management involves various techniques to generate and retain traffic on your website and blog:

    • The keywords should be effective and popular
    • Keywords should justify your topic of discussion
    • Keywords on the title, tagline and meta data should match exactly
    • Use of meta tags is important
    • Back linking to one of your old posts or other profile links is always useful
  • Working with AdWords and PPC Campaigning
  • If you are aware of pay per click or cost per click, you know what Google AdWords are. Haven’t you noticed that small section on the right hand side of your screen after you search for something, also a similar one right below the search bar? Those are the results of Google AdWords. Pay per click is a part of it. Whoever clicks on that link is then redirected to the particular website and the website owner pays for that click. So basically you pay not for advertising with Google, but when your advertisement with Google works. Pay per click (PPC) is the way to go with internet marketing. PPC is used majorly by the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • What Is PPC Campaign All About?
  • When you allow AdWords, those who can see your ad can simply click on it and be redirected to your website. You can also control who visits your website. Professional PPC campaigns involve different packages and plans that will prove beneficial for your business. Your targets should be:

    • Directing quality traffic
    • High conversion rate
    • Generating maximum revenue
  • Who to Trust with PPC?
  • There are many companies that offer PPC campaigning. Google, of course, leads the list. Apart from that, there are others such as, Enhance (ah-ha), Overture, FindWhat, Kanoodle, ePilot, LookSmart, Search123, and eSpotting. All these companies provide packages. The only disadvantage is that they charge you every time there’s a click on your advertisement. Hence, it is better to determine which plan to go with depending upon your Google PageRank. You can surely outsource your SEO management, but you need to look carefully what you pay for.

    Removing Distractions

    One of the major reasons for people deserting your website is distractions. They are your worst enemies. There are many websites that are full of all kinds of distractions. Having meaningless elements like gaudy, flashy advertisements which don’t really relate to your website, using images in between the content, and so on.

    These are usually useless and meaningless for your website, and will almost surely turn away your visitors.
    Other distracting elements:

    • Pop-up requests and click elements
    • Search functionality page
    • Navigation bars
    • Newsletter opt-ins

    These are some other distractions which the readers have to face. Since you can track where your users have been clicking the most, with the help of tools like Google Analytics and Crazy Egg, it is best to make the necessary changes on your site accordingly. If you don’t want your site to be abandoned, it is better to manage and take care of these aspects at the earliest possible.

    Getting Rid of Navigations

    Website optimization was never an easy task. You need to keep playing and tweaking to gain the right output. With n number of trials and errors that everyone goes through, it is always a good idea to keep it simple. Navigation bars are one of the most distracting things for your audience.
    Sometimes, we just get too many navigation options at the same place which basically just messes with the whole idea of navigation. Many websites, especially e-commerce websites have made it a point to remove navigation bars from their checkout page.

    Effective Testimonials

    There is always some feedback that you receive from your readers and visitors with respect to the content you have shared. This feedback may be both positive and negative. It goes without saying that you need to consider both and take even the negative one positively to progress better. Now, how about making some good use of the positive feedback that you received? It is indeed worth adding this feedback or testimonials to your pages, where the readers can get an idea about what people have to say about your content. Also, you need to make sure that when you do this, you don’t just share views like “Good job”, “Nice work” and so on. Provide the testimonials which give a descriptive idea about your website, your clientele, your previous work, which will give your new clients an idea about the positivity and the work experience that you have got.

    Cheat Sheet

    There are a few other things which can help get a better landing page conversion. Your readers should be charmed enough to linger more and move from page to page with interesting information. Points to bear in mind:

    • Make offers your visitors cannot refuse
    • Keep your pages clean and easy to understand
    • Effective headlines
    • Ensure lesser load time, which is effective enough for any layout.