Bing iOS App Gets New Features that Make Search Easier

Bing added some features into their search app for iOS this December, taking into consideration the new features of iPhone and iPad. Not only do these features make your search more enjoyable, but also bring about more possibilities to optimize your website. The new features include new home screen, trending topics via a swipe and easier navigation for iPhone, and Bing translate integration and an improved iOS widget for iPad.

As per the official blog post, the search app for iPhone has got a completely redesigned home screen to match the larger size of the new iPhones. The search box has moved to the middle part of the screen and is larger. By tapping anywhere under the search box, you can see the beautiful image of the day with the search engine. All the elements of the app will disappear on doing so to provide you with an immersive, full-screen image experience. You can view the previous day’s image by simply swiping from the left. There is a change in the layout for things that you access frequently including weather, trending news and images. This information will zoom to full screen on swiping from the bottom of the home screen.

iPhone Update Homepage

Microsoft’s search engine has taken advantage of the latest in iOS 8 to make search experience more powerful in the case of iPad. The translate extension is now available on iPad, with which you can quickly translate the web pages in the Bing app or your default browser to a language that you want. A new widget has been added in your Notification Center to provide you with the Bing image of the day and trending stories for that day in your Today View.

iPad Today Widget

This enhanced search experience with iOS apps is expected to woo iPhone and iPad users and let them use Bing more for their search purposes. This is a signal for businesses to engage in mobile search optimization and utilize the possibilities offered by this search engine. Of course, you should use a responsive design, conditional CSS and iPhone or iPad specific content to ensure a better view of your website on iOS devices. When it comes to optimizing for Bing, you must consider the following things.

  • Use URLs, which are as simple as possible and stable so that they are easily stored in favorites and indexed by the search engine.
  • Thematize the content ‘one topic per page’. If you want to reference contact data, ensure that they are placed in text on the web in addition to the image or logo.
  • Each web page should be located not more than three clicks away from the home screen.
  • Avoid stuffing irrelevant keywords artificially into the web content, overexploiting ALT attribute in web pages, hidden words and links and link farming (generating links to website automatically or manually to boost page rank).

You should also add a brief description of your content via Meta tags, optimize the ‘Header’ tags, provide XML sitemap and create robots.txt file. Consult with SEO experts to optimize your website according to your business needs.

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