The Evolution of Press Release Submissions

Press release submissions were considered to be one of the most important elements of search engine optimization for many years, particularly after Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates in 2011 and 2012. These updates emphasized on increasing the quality of the content and the web connections. Authoritative names and reputable publications were things that websites needed to be associated with, and with press releases that was possible.
Press Release Submissions

Why PR Submissions are Not as Authoritative

Two years on and PRs are still around, though not possessing that authoritativeness. They have therefore transformed in their role in SEO as we head into 2015. One of the reasons for this is, as is evident, businesses have taken away much of the quality from PR content and have made them serve their promotional needs alone. As a result, relevant news often does not get published on the news channels.

Users do not get quality information all the time and Google has therefore failed to continue to assign much weight to them. From the point of view of businesses, syndication platforms for press releases are also expensive which is why small or budget-restricted businesses would think twice before incorporating them in their strategy.

PRs Could Complement Other SEO Moves

Currently, it is hard to find a unique reason for incorporating press releases. For improving brand awareness focusing on social media optimization and getting conspicuous in the major social networks would be a more rewarding strategy. For a better quality external link profile guest blogs could serve the purpose in a more efficient manner than PRs. Building up content is still the cornerstone of a result-oriented SEO strategy so you should be focusing on improving the content on your site as well as on the blog posts which should keep coming frequently. At best, PRs could only serve as a complementary move to the aforementioned steps.

Press Releases are Still Around

However there are benefits to press releases for the aforementioned brand reputation and external link building reasons though, as we’ve seen, there are other means to build them up too. But if you could ensure top quality in your PR submissions and make them cost-effective enough to fit into your budget, then a PR strategy could still work.

Press releases may continue to evolve in their role in SEO but, if used well, they continue to be important elements of making your business increase its reach online. Effective outsourcing of press release submissions to a reliable SEO company could serve the purpose better for businesses strapped for time and working with a limited budget.

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