Facebook Drops Bing Search, Ups Internal Search

It is customary for Google to make all the headlines in the search engine optimization world, but now Facebook has managed to hog the limelight at the expense of Microsoft.

From Search Engine Optimization to Facebook Optimization

Facebook Drops Bing SearchFacebook has dropped Bing results from its search feature. The aim of the partnership with Bing had been to provide Facebook users with a more complete search experience by providing full access to great Bing features including richer answers combined with tools. This has now come to an end.

Earlier this month, Facebook launched a new search feature that will let users search through individual posts, not just pages. With this search feature, users can pick up the items that are being shared with them from within its network, including comments and posts by their friends.

Facebook has dismissed any suggestions of a break-up with Microsoft, saying that this move to avoid web results in Facebook Search was because it wanted to focus on helping people find what they want within the network. It reiterated that the Microsoft partnership is active in many areas.

Facebook Witnesses Over a Million Search Queries

Search has always been one of Facebook’s major growth initiatives, with Zuckerberg mentioning in July, 2014 that over a million search queries were being made on Facebook each day. He even went as far as saying that the humongous amounts of information (over a trillion posts, according to Zuckerberg) users get to share in Facebook could someday replace Web search for at least some queries. So Facebook’s recent move doesn’t really come as much of a surprise.

Facebook and Microsoft

Facebook’s association with Microsoft goes back to October 2007 when the latter invested $240 million to acquire a stake of 1.6 percent in the social network. With this deal, Microsoft provided banner ads on Facebook’s website. However, 2010, the social network stopped using these banner ads, though it expanded its use of Bing search results. Some of those acquired shares were sold by Microsoft after the 2012 IPO, and in June 2014 Microsoft confirmed that it was a only partial sale of its stake in the social network.

Whether Facebook’s removal of Bing search results is the sign of a serious break in the relationship between the companies is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, for businesses, this development seems to indicate that Facebook marketing should be a major area of focus in search engine optimization.