Safer Internet Day and Mobile Application Development

Safer Internet DayMobile application development is a very lucrative field since the smartphone experience is gradually replacing the laptop or desktop experience. Mobile apps enrich the user experience further, and businesses looking to gain traffic and higher search engine rankings need to ensure they have a mobile friendly website and also offer apps to improve the experience of users browsing the mobile site. Your application needs to be safe for the user, since it is through apps that cyber criminals cause havoc.

Why Mobile Application Development Must Be Safe

The Safer Internet Day on February 10 was observed with a sense of anxiety, since the news of hacking from various parts of the globe is keeping on pouring in. The breach of health insurance major Anthem’s consumer and employee medical records also serve as a grim reminder of the enormity of the task ahead. With connected devices expected to outnumber people using them six to one by 2020, it is a no-brainer the criminals will be continuing on with new ways to spy and collect data.

It’s time to face the facts regarding cyber crime:

  • For one, it is rampant. Cyber attacks have increased by 48% globally in 2014, costing businesses more than $12.7 million for the whole year. The increasing universality and frequency of attacks makes taking precautions and using the Internet in a consciously safer manner the most powerful means of preventing and tackling them. It is up to the consumers to use the Net wisely in a manner that makes it harder for hackers to carry out their diabolical schemes.
  • The most challenging factor with cyber crime is that it keeps evolving and transforming according to the changes happening in the Internet. Invariably, these changes make cyber threats more and more potent. As the Internet moved from the laptop to the mobile devices where everything from social network browsing to bill payment are carried out, hackers are identifying newer opportunities and methods to inflict havoc.
  • The 2014 CASR (Cisco Annual Security Report) revealed that around 500,000 to a million American cyber security jobs were unfilled, with postings increasing by 74% in these five years. This implies that there need to be more and more qualified personnel in the cyber security industry. We need to spread the word.

Negative Internet Experience

It isn’t hacking and data breach alone that are the ever present threats from the Internet. The Internet experience can also affect the mindset and motivation of kids negatively as for instance by some cruel remark, comment or discouraging statement made by someone in response to their posts on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. This has particularly been observed among 11-16 year-olds in the UK.

A survey by the UK Safer Internet Centre revealed that a third of 11-16-year olds in Britain claim to have been the victim of cruel or mean behavior online in 2014, though two-thirds of them said they have the confidence to be able to manage this. The survey was conducted on over 1000 youngsters in the UK.

Preventing or Dealing With Abuse

The report, however, also stated that a majority of these kids has taken action on encountering abuse. 75% of them claimed to have blocked a user while 74% have faced the culprit head on. 68% of the kids revealed that they extended support to another kid who became a target of abusive behavior. While this shows that the best measures against abusive Internet behavior come from the users themselves, it does build up pressure on the social networks to ensure users do not encounter negativity, and have reporting measures in place for users to resort to.

Experts say that Internet security ultimately boils down to users ensuring that they know whom they are communicating with, what information they are giving out, and whether that information could positively or negatively affect them or someone else. This thought pattern should dominate every user before he/she does anything online. They need to be absolutely sure whom they are dealing with, which can do its part in lessening the chances of them being wronged or hacked.

Service providers who engage in mobile application development must ensure the development of secure apps for their clients or it could affect their reputation. Reputable, professional SEO companies do focus on security along with performance while creating and distributing apps.